Wednesday, 20 March 2013


I have been reading about Qigong it’s an ancient Chinese form of exercise, an in-between of yoga and Ti Chi.
What caught my attention was a link to You tube and a lady named Bianca who since starting to do Qigong has been able to stop her Parkinson’s medication.
Perhaps this is the light at the end of the tunnel; I have downloaded a book onto my playbook which I have started to read. I don’t want to rush in and get it wrong.  
I must get myself into action; I’m inclined to put things off until tomorrow. I know that if I want to do this I must work hard to reach my goal.
With that in mind I think I will make a list, it’s always good to have a list.
1.       Is it possible for me to at least cut down on pills?
2.       Can I manage this by myself?
3.       Does anyone living near me know anything about Qigong?
4.       Would it be possible to talk family and friends into joining in?
5.       Will I still need a Chocolate fix?
Best not make my list too long or I haven’t a cat in hells chance of starting.
I think I will get myself off to bed early and do some reading then who knows tomorrow may be the first day a whole new way of life. (link to Bianca I hope)