Saturday, 29 January 2011

Don't Look

I know I will be in trouble so this first bit is to my daughters. DO NOT READ THIS BLOG.
I have dismantled the large cupboard that I had in my shower room, I was going to make it smaller but I think it looks much better without it.
While cleaning the floor where it had been I realised that there is a decidedly musty smell. The pipes had been boxed in before we moved in over 20 years ago using conti board. Well I thought it would be a good idea to remove it which I have done and as the builders used black waste pipes they can now be replaced with white.
So far so good, so now I just have to decide what to use to re box the pipes, and there is the more pressing task of finding a solution to what will I do with all the things that were stored in the said cupboard. ??????????????
Right I am now off to the local D.I.Y. store for inspiration, wish me luck.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


This morning Parky and I went to a Zumba class followed by Pilates. I had thought that I had left him at home, but no he decided to come too. I managed for a while on my own but he had to put his ten pence worth in.
It was my arms and hands that were the problem, we were trying to do graceful actions and all I could see out the corner of my eye was this claw with the fingers half closed, I think Parky swopped mine with someone else as they sure as hell didn’t belong to me.
So I sat out the last part of Zumba and was rewarded with a bit better control for the Pilates, I like the gentleness of it, so relaxing after trying to get arms and legs going in the right direction.
Perhaps that is a lesson learned; go for restful exercise instead of trying to keep up with something that ends up being stressful.
Then again if I went on my Wii more I would be ready to do more action

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Parky A Dog?

Today we have celebrated my mother’s 88th Birthday by going out for a meal. In fact she did very well, as we lunched out and then ate out this evening at our local golf course hotel.
If we can’t find anything to give her for a present we can always feed her. She must be all of seven and a half stone dripping wet and even the waiter commented on the fact that her plate was clear.
She always insists on a desert as to her a meal is not a meal without a pudding. Even when eating with one of her family she ask outright what’s for afters while everyone else is still eating their main course.
Her Granddaughter asked her if she felt full to be told she doesn’t eat much all day, not sure if she remembers or not.
Her memory is failing and she must find it frustrating not to be able to remember who people are, though at times what she remembers is a bit selective. If she makes an appointment for the dog to go to the vets, I get her to ring me to remind me what time and day and she never fails, that’s because dogs are top priority.
Would she understand my Parky better if I told her he was a dog, now there’s a thing, perhaps it’s worth a try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Imagine a cinema of your childhood that is tucked away in the woods. A place where on cold wet days you can hang your coat on a peg over the radiator.
The building is a large hut, and when someone big takes their seat it ends up like musical chairs as lots of people who now have their view blocked try to move along the row, some people moved several times. It was a bit like a Mexican wave. I just asked the guy in front of me to cuddle up to his girlfriend, so that he left a nice gap for me to see and I'm sure they were pleased.
The film was stopped half way through so that we could get our ice creams, and I'm sure Parky was pleased as I was able to take my pills.
Then up popped the organ, just like it did at many a seaside theatre many years ago, all the old favourites were played, but not "I do like to be beside the seaside" and I was half waiting for it.
So where was I?
The Kinema in the Woods at Woodhall Spa, thats in Lincolnshire. They have added a second screen since last I went so it must be successful.
The film I went to see was the Kings Speech, so not only a good Venue but an excellent film.

Saturday, 15 January 2011


I want to dedicate this to you.
I am very fortunate that over the years I have been blessed with good friends, those people you see from time to time and pick up where you left off.
They are as comfortable as your favourite pair of shoes but last even longer.  Those ones who have known me pre Parky and still know me with Parky and cope with him too.
I am going to stay with one such couple who I met about 45 years ago; I was introduced to them when on the very first date with the man who was to become my first husband.  Even though I have divorced him and lost another husband to cancer, the friendship that was formed all those years ago has been something I treasure.
It doesn’t matter how long we go without contacting each other I know that I can pick up the phone and say I’m coming. There is always a warm welcome and a spare bed.
I may have to play around with their computer to fix something that’s not working, but heck I enjoy doing it and I feel quite chuffed if I manage to get it right.
She and I can do girly things and as we both like to go to the theatre that might be an option this week. Sometimes I nick the husband, (helps to get him out of her hair) in fact he went with me when I was trying to find family tree information. He said he had never seen anyone so excited about finding a grave stone.
He has often told me I am too independent for my own good, and over the years has given me lots of advice. In the early years this was done after a few pints, and if I had understood just a little of what he was saying I may not have married his friend. WOW that would have made my life totally different.
They have been my bolt hole; I can’t say my calm in a storm as sometimes it’s more hectic at their house than mine. I even know that if things were really bad they would make room for me to live with them.
So if I had a glass of something sparkling I would raise it to you, and all those other friends I have yet to mention.

Friday, 14 January 2011


Well what a complete idiot, I have just found the mentions button on my twitter page, so now I have to admit that I have only just caught up with the lovely comments people have made.
Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to say such nice things, you must have thought that I was an ignorant …………………….. Person.
I have in front of me a cheque for £25 that I have won on UNITY the nation’s charity Lottery. I did it through Parkinson’s UK .
I have been on the Parkinson UK web site and found you the link to the lottery, and while I was on there I saw that they are asking for mobile phones and ink cartridges to raise money. Sounds good to me we get rid of clutter and help the environment at the same time as helping raise funds.

This I found on Unity site
PDS Reach £10,000
Parkinson's Disease Society have become the first charity to reach the £10,000 mark.  Since they joined Unity in the summer of 2007 they have raised over £10,000 and have amassed over 625 members who play every week.  Which is why they have raised this huge sum in just over a year.
Our congratulations go out to everybody at the Parkinson's Disease Sociey and well done to all who have put the time and effort in to reach this magic target.

I think this may be a while ago as it has the old logo


Thursday, 13 January 2011

Who’s got it?

Come on own up who has got my mobile phone charger, I have a phone that’s as dead as a Dodo and  I know that I put the charger somewhere safe.
I am sure I remember thinking to myself that’s a good place to keep it, so in that case it must be really easy to find!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cancel that I have just been in the kitchen to see how my lunch is progressing and there it is sat in my fruit bowl, well to be fair it is right under a socket so maybe there is a bit of logic.
Now I have a dilemma do I leave it in the fruit bowl as the chances of me remembering are now quite good , or do I do the sensible thing  and put it back in my office?
If we are not looking for the phone charger perhaps we could look for the cardigan that I bought for my granddaughter before Christmas. I think somewhere in this bungalow is a black hole that sucks in the thing you are looking for, if I am lucky it will spit them back after a couple of days.
But just occasionally the hole must be in league with Parky and keeps me looking and looking and LOOKING.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Boring Old F

Well its now 2011 and I am wondering what this New Year will bring, since doing this blog I have become more aware of what is happening in the world of Parkinson’s.
I know there are many others who find writing a blog beneficial, and so many people who make light of their problems.
I also realise that my family and friends had very little idea how I felt about living with My Mate Parky, and also think I have done them a great injustice by being so bolshie and insisting on doing things myself.
I promise this year I will learn to say PLEASE HELP ME, even though I know that it will be the hardest part of my coming to grips with living with Parky.
I am going to try and make my life as stress free as I possibly can, IS THAT POSSIBLE?????????????????
Perhaps if I didn’t start projects that I can’t finish, that might be a beginning.
I still want to do everything NOW, but who knows maybe I might get more enjoyment by not rushing in head first.
Who am I kidding; do I really think it is possible for me to be that sensible? I don’t want to end up as a boring old fffffffffff person.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Please Can I

Shake, Rattle and Roll Music Festival for Parkinson's
I want to go, but I can’t manage to get to Hollywood in time, and it’s all happening tomorrow. Well by the time I get this on line it will be today, Sunday.
I will be honest I don’t think my budget would have taken me there, but WOW could I have boogied.
I could have taken the place by storm; if nothing else I have a cute accent. I was born and raised in Lincolnshire, leaving it for London for a while, as far as I am concerned I don’t have an accent it’s all those other people that talk funny
I may have had to take Parky’s boots (the ones that have the weights in) with me, but that would not have stopped me I could have showed everyone how we Brits do things especially when we have to take along our uninvited guest. Well I think I may be wrong in saying that as I expect a good many of the people attending have their own version of MY MATE PARKY
So my regards to

for coming up with such a great idea.
I hope everyone has a fantastic time, don’t think of me sat at home wishing I was with you, never mind the wet blobs on the writing paper.
Is this something that can happen here???????????????????????????????

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Stiff Day

Was it the thought of putting Christmas decorations back in the roof that enabled Parky to get a grip on me? Perhaps he likes cards all round the place and it does look a little bare now that the twinkling light of the fibre optic trees have been boxed away for next year.
I have said it for several years that my idea of heaven is to escape for Christmas and New Year; I would love to go on a cruise. Nice food nice dancing and shows, all while being looked after and seeing something different when you wake up in a morning.
I don’t really mind where the cruise goes to as long as it’s not in pirate infested water, as it would be extremely difficult to explain that drugs are a big thing in my life. I don’t think they would have the time of day for Parky.
I thought I would just have a sneak at prices, don’t the cruise company’s know that there are a lot of single passengers, I know Parky goes with me 24 7 but I don’t want to pay for him. He doesn’t need his own bed, or come to think of it he won’t be partaking of any food, in fact if he gets really annoying neither will I.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Hospital Fear

I think I am starting to get paranoid about having to ever go into hospital.
One of our Parkinson’s support group members has just rung me as her husband is in hospital; he had a fall and was taken into our local hospital which is 24 miles away. (The same one Parky and I go to)
For the first three days he was not given his Parkinson’s medication which has resulted in a worsening of his condition, it seems that now they are trying to sort this out which means a long stay in hospital.
We are in desperate need of a nurse; she could earn her salary by looking after us at home.
The Hospital Trust has been so short sighted in not providing the backup that is needed, and I am sure if its figures that worry them, they would find it beneficial.  
By the way the piece I have written in capitals is the bit where I am shouting at my computer, no one should have to have their medication stopped.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Granddaughters Thoughts

I have realised that Parky affects a lot of people around me so I thought that I would from time to time ask others what they think. So the first one is from my 12 year old Granddaughter
“When I first found out that my nanny was writing a blog I just thought that she would help herself understand much more about what she has got and what effect it has on people but as I have read them all I have learnt much more myself .
 As I have grown up with her having Parky by her side I have realised that I need to help as much as I possibly can. When I first learnt to tell the time I look at the clock (when I was staying with her) and I would tell her that she needed to take her tablets.
 Now if she wants to write something and I’m about I would write it out for her. I also walk round to the corner shop to buy things that she needs. So if there was anything that she needed me to do I would do it straight away.
 I immediately know that something is wrong as when I was little she rang wanting to speak to my mum but she was busy so after I had to put the phone down I went to my mum and said “Nanny’s Voice Doesn’t Sound Right” mum rang her back to find out how she was, and that’s how I know that something is wrong as her voice goes all different. “
I don’t think any of us realise how we affect other people’s lives, so it’s quite nice to be aware how they feel.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Parky Came To

Well I suppose it was too much to ask for. How could I possibly go out on New Year’s Eve and not have My Mate Parky with me?
He was very subtle and to give him his due I don’t think anyone else knew he was with me. He made me a bit robotic and I knew from how my face felt that he was with me, but I had a couple of glasses of wine just to show him I could so there.
So now it is 2011, have I made any resolutions?  NO.
Should I make one????????????????????????   NO
I can’t give up chocolate as I still have some left to eat from Christmas.
I don’t smoke, so no good giving that up.
So  a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you who have your own Parky living with you, may you get the better of him and start to live with him as a friend and not as a foe.