Monday, 28 February 2011

Early Morning Nonsense

Well its early hours of the morning and I am doing what most of Parky’s Mates do sitting at my computer with all sorts of nonsense going round in my head.
Thanks to Paula Page on twitter I have Morecambe and Wise tunes going round in my head, thank you Paula.
I have the dentist again in the morning so really should be in bed getting my beauty sleep , poor man is going to be close enough to fall into my wrinkles.
Another tooth bights the dust, so one less to hurt.
If I have much more work done I think it will be a case of selling my body, mind you very difficult when I still need to finish at the dentist.
Forgot can’t sell it as I have donated my brain to the Parkinson brain bank, gosh who would have thought in this time of economic crisis my brain is the one thing that a bank would want?
I just realised I don’t make Dopamine; I’m short of Serotonin so have to have my happy pills. But if I get stung by an insect my body goes absolutely ballistic making Histamine, so at the sight of a pin prick on me it’s all hands to the deck to find where I put the Antihistamine.  
These two ladies are also writing about Parkinson’s both from different angles, and are well worth a read.
Well it’s goodnight from me and a good night from Parky.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Parkinson Competition

I have decided to enter the Mervyn  Peake  competition which is open to anyone who has Parkinson’s. I have thought about it several times over the last few years but end up doing my usual thing of forgetting it until it’s too late.
There are four categories available to enter
Photography, Poetry, Art, Digital Art.
I am going for it all sections minus the Art, as I am absolutely pants at that. How the heck do you get what is an awesome idea from your brain down to your fingers and believe me I was pants even before My Mate Parky.  
I have written a poem and it has set me of. I have started to think in rhymes I can’t get the darn idea out of my head.
Now I am trawling through all my photo’s that I have on my computer and also on discs, which takes forever as I find myself going off into a trance as I remember things that I have done. I have printed one or two out so will take them to our Parkinson meeting tomorrow and ask for everyone’s thoughts.
Anyone wanting to enter has until the 31st March, you can only enter one in each section, but hey as they say you have to be in it to win it.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A Parky Day

My mate Parky showed up at the dentists, I thought I could handle it by myself, but bum he had to put his oar in.
I had my car in the car park and was all set to drive myself home, but I could feel him he was making me feel odd (I know I am odd but this was odder).
I tried ringing my daughter several times, she had completely forgotten that she had volunteered her services and gone out for the day.
I do hate giving in to Parky, but I knew I was not able to concentrate well enough to drive home and it would have been really stupid of me to take a risk.
So in a way he was in control again. (Bum bum bum)
I have a very good friend who I rang and bless her she came to the rescue. I still have lots of work to be done at the dentists so I think I had better resort to going on the bus and leaving my little car at home.
I did tell my dentist that I had nothing against him personally I just hated all DENTISTS; he said that the two people in life that most people hated was the dentist and the tax man.
What did I have done????
I had one taken out and was even asked if I wanted it, they have to ask now as it’s a bit of you and belongs to you. Well something like that, my answer of course was no thank you.
My daughter did come and see me when she got home bringing me some flowers and then getting my car home for me. Poor girl she was mortified.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sleep like a Log

I have had a couple of lazy days, going through family tree paperwork, I must start throwing away all the scraps and extra printouts that I have done over the years.
My front room was at one point covered in piles of paper but I think Parky was fed up as I didn’t seem able to get things into any order.
So at ten last night I gave in and went to bed, I felt as if I had done a day’s hard labour. I slept like a log only to wake up feeling like one. I was set solid and it took me a while to get myself turned over in bed.
I think I must lay in one position most of the night, which means I lock into it, I feel about 90 when I go to move.
I bet Parky enjoys the sight of me trying to do contortions as I ease myself out of bed, it would be much better if he learned to give me a massage, how good would that be. Everyone would want a mate called Parky.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Dentist Help

I have known for a long time that I need to go to the dentist, but oh how I hate dentists. Sorry anyone who’s job entails looking in the mouth of crazy frightened people.
I have been putting it on the back boiler so to speak as I could not cope with first a telling off and second someone being that close to me. (In my face.)
Well I took the bull by the horns and rang up the dentist that I had used on the national health but is now private. I spoke to a lovely receptionist and explained that I was a nervous wreck, that my fear goes back so far that it is unreasonable.
She asked one of the dentists if he would take me on and then the question was how soon? Well it was yesterday that I rang and today I had the first of many appointments.
I asked him if it was possible to give me a bang over the head and then I could wake up with my teeth transformed. I think he thought that I was joking, well I wasn’t.
So was it as bad as I had dreaded, well no, but then again we have not got going yet. The dentist is a very nice young man; hope he is old enough to be qualified.
The house will be mortgaged to pay for it, and surprise surprise there are a few teeth that are in good nick.
My earliest memory of going to the dentist was having my teeth out with gas. I have a small mouth and so some of the second ones were taken out as soon as they came through.  You see no one can call me BIG MOUTH
Then when I was very pregnant with my second daughter I had an abscess on a tooth, I was in hospital with a placenta preview waiting to see if I needed a caesarean, so when Drs came to do their rounds I was referred as the one with two bumps.
While working in a pub I got in the way of a fight got elbowed in the face and the one tooth I had on a plate came through my lip. I went to a wedding the next day with stitches in my lip and super glue on my tooth.
The when my husband was very poorly with Cancer, we had the Macmillan nurse come to see us, one day she asked me what had been the final straw that sent me over the edge. The answer was a broken tooth.
Perhaps now you can understand my fear

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


I actually made it to the U.3.A. meeting this morning after several times of suddenly realising that the day had gone and I hadn’t.
Well I am so pleased that I went, so many things going on, I am going walking next week, then there is a Genealogy course at the library, so many things I didn’t know where to start.
Some very friendly people as well, so I am looking forward to jumping in with both feet.
There was a speaker from the Marie Curie charity; his enthusiasm for his job was indeed catching I’m sure a lot of people would have contributed to his fund raising.
The nurses do an excellent job; they came and sat with my dad overnight so that mum could have some rest, so it was a bit of tummy turner when he started to talk.
This afternoon I have been for a Pamper, the local college where my friend works on administration has a hair and beauty section. They want guinea pigs to have some of the treatments, so just to help them out I had a facial, oh my will I do that again? You bet your life I will.
The young lady who was doing it was so nice she was very gentle and the only thing that worried me was that I would fall asleep and disgrace myself by snoring. I told her to give me a nudge or drop something if I did.
So all in all a good day

Monday, 14 February 2011

Not a Valentine

Well that’s my Valentine day gone, no cards no chocolate and no roses.
It’s difficult to say whether I am upset or not, I like to receive these gifts but I’m not sure I do “Love”.
I find it difficult when someone says I love you, how the heck do they know and why? What the heck is this love thing anyway and the other thing is am I really capable of being in love or have I shut the door so that I can safeguard myself.
Do I use Parky as a defence and ram him down everyone’s throats so that  they end up backing off, or is it one divorce and then being widowed that has left me scared witless when it comes to emotional commitments.
I think maybe I live in hopes that there is still Mr Right waiting in the wings, but gosh would anyone put up with my mate.

Sunday, 13 February 2011


I was told last night that I had been smiling all the time so I must have been having a great time. I was in my element plenty of dancing, though the poor D.J. got it quite wrong. He came and asked us what music we wanted then pleased himself.
Fortunately I changed my mind before I went about fancy dress, I just aimed for the sophisticated me (right). No one got dressed up so all that turning out of my wardrobe and the covering of my bed was for nothing. There was a time when it was touch or go to weather I would be sleeping in my own bed or on the floor.
So going back to the dancing, my friend and I spent a very enjoyable evening, even if the songs were not always danceable too.
Then when we got home we put the world to right till about three in the morning. Sounds a bit mad now but you do these things when an odd glass of wine or two has been imbibed. She told me that she thinks it’s my out and out cussidness that stops Parky getting the better of me, and that by doing my D.I.Y. I am determined not to give in. This is the one friend who knows me so well , she can read Parky and often so as not to offend uses her bad back as a signal for me to slow down
Today we were ladies who lunched and then on to the pictures to see Gnomeo and Juliet in 3D, I do wish she had eaten all the marshmallows that I bought, as I know feel quite sick eating what’s left. I can see that I will have to go and hide them from myself, and even with my bad memory I don’t think I will be successful.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

60's 70's or 80's

Saturday night I will be going to a bit of a do where the theme is 60's 70's and 80's. Fancy dress is optional, but I have decided to give it a go.
So what era shall I portray? I have always said that I I'm a child of the sixties so it looks like that's my era, but gosh what a difference there will be. I was seven and a half stone dripping wet all those years ago, I don't feel I am overweight but more towards the ten and a half so will I be able to get away with a short skirt? Of course I will wear some nice thick leggings, us grannies need our dignity in tact.
The one thing I am sure of is that I am going to hit that dance floor, if Parky puts in an appearance he will be given his marching orders. I don't want him with me at all but I guess it would take a miracle to keep him away. Just thinking about his interference makes me cross, how dare he make the things I enjoy most so very difficult.
Most people when they meet me have no idea that he's my friend, so I am very fortunate in that respect, but it doesn't stop me from time to time hating him for the control that he exerts over me.
So until he waves that magic wand of his I will dance and dance and dance a little more.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Update Time

Well a lot has happened since my last blog, so no particular subject this time.
I am still in the throes of D.I.Y. I haven’t finished the shower room yet, but the bits of wood seem to be the right size just need to do some varnishing before I join things together.
I am hoping that the shower it’s self is now water tight!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been away for a couple of days so it has given the goo time to goo if you see what I mean. I think I will go and check it now while I think about it.
Whooppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii the goo worked.
So varnish wood and assemble, how easy this woodworking lark is. WE’LL SEE
I have been looking up information about my family tree; it’s like trying to do a huge jigsaw, when someone has hidden lots of the pieces. I must say it’s very exciting when you realise that one of the pieces you really wanted has turned up.
As yet none of my ancestors had a friend called Parky, but who knows I may stumble on one when I am looking for something else.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

More D.I.Y.

I am slowly getting my shower room sorted though I find it a bit frustrating. How come those waste pipes don’t fit back???????????????
What can I do to make a piece of wood fit tight but get it under the shower tray??????????
Why did I not get an extra piece of wood?????????????
Why did I start???????????
I am sure it’s not as hard as I am making it out to be, I have got to at least sort out the plumbing so that I can have a shower.
I find it much easier to shower than to have a wash down as Parky is inclined to hold my hand and stop me reaching the most important places. But when it comes to having a shower boy can I whoop Parky, I am in and out so fast he can’t annoy me. If he is being very persistent I even have a seat that pulls down from the wall. I don’t like to use it that often as I would stay in there for hours just feeling the water hitting my body. That would put the water and heating bills up.
I think my tool kit needs a few extra tools but the trouble is made worse by the fact that when I get to the shop I can’t remember which ones or even what for. I know I should make a list but the said list would only gets left at home.