Wednesday, 15 August 2012


I have had my appointment with a new for me Neurologist; you can’t believe how much my faith has been restored.
I feel like I have come out of a black hole and found my old self, the one that is going to fight tooth and nail to make Parky behave.
The dreaded Requip is in the long run to be halved, this I will do at a slow pace. I am to be good and take my Stalevo every four hours. I have even bought a watch that has five alarms on it, no excuse now as it is set up.(thank goodness for grandchildren).
My Amantadine has been doubled, so that’s two a day instead of the one that I have been on for years and years.
Then to top that up I see him again in two months, I am over the moon. Doesn’t take a lot to please me???????????????
I feel confident for the first time in ages that I have the backup that I need to cope with Parky.
Perhaps all of us who have a condition Like Parkinson’s would fare better if we had someone who could give us the gift of security.
To know that whatever we are fighting in life is not done in that Black hole of despair is all that we ask.
I asked a doctor recently if she knew anything about Parkinson’s and was given the answer off course she did. I told her that in the past I had seen doctors that had admitted that they didn’t. Her reply they should not be practicing.
When I mentioned the addiction caused by the medication, I got the impression that she didn’t believe what I was saying, so I shut up. I think I would rather have the Doctor who said to me I don’t know much about it but I’m willing to learn with you, than one that is a bit miffed because you asked the question.   

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Thank you Ged and Phil

A couple of months ago I found in my emails a list of dates when Ged Roberts would be doing his “Gigs”. Quite to my surprise one of the places was a town in Lincolnshire not far from where I live. I persuaded my friend to go with me, which was easy as like me she likes a bit of a do.
The venue was a new Restaurant with the name of No. 20 in a place called Sleaford.
An evening of tapas with music from Ged Roberts and Phil Gibson from the Drifters. When we left the hotel to go to No.20 there was a couple who overtook us all dressed up. My friend and I looked at each other and commented about the fact that they must be going to the same place why else would they be dressed up on a Monday night.
They turned out to be at the next table and we ended up chatting in-between dancing and eating.
I met Ged when he was the playing and singing for us on a rhine cruise, he writes a lot of music and it was listening to one of his songs on headphones that L realised that I was crying, I told him I couldn’t buy that one as I didn’t think I could cope with it. I don’t know if it’s my strange ways or his excellent memory but he remembered me and also my name.  
We had a cracking evening; the two of them work really well together bouncing off each other.
The food was excellent, the atmosphere great and those around us very friendly
On the Rhine cruise I had been fortunate enough as to have two dancing partners, (perhaps that’s why I was remembered). Unfortunately no spare male dancing partners, but as usual we did not let that spoil our enjoyment.
I even drank sangria and Parky didn’t do a thing about it, although I was late to bed I went off to sleep quite quickly and woke up feeling fine.
Maybe Parky is getting bored, maybe he’s fed up off sitting at home, not that long ago we were in Peru.
He has been a bit of a pain in the bum since we got back, but that could be my fault I am so obsessed with cutting down my pills that I got to the point when I knew I had gone too low, it gave me an insight into how my life would be without those same drugs that have altered me.  A STIFF, SLURRING, NONE TALKING ME.  I would have to ask for help doing the most basic of things, not be able to come and go as I please.
Perhaps it was good to be aware of how life is balanced so that I don’t take for granted all the things I can do even when Parky is holding on tight to me.
Well Ged if you ever read this I think I am about ready to tackle the music that made me cry.

A message to Jimbo
I had a message from this gentleman after I did the blog on Prosavin

“Yes I've got this Parky following me round as well. The bastard has been following me for over 12years and its getting to the stage where he is in the chair and I am under it. Yes I too blame him for most things including shear laziness and lack of drive. Come on Prosavin is what I say. These trials are far too tedious. In the Parkinson’s community there are heaps of people who are being squeezed into a corner with only death as their saviour”

Hi Jimbo
I know where you are coming from, but fight the “B” never let him have the chair and as for death it would also be a “B” if you died one day and they found a cure the next.