Monday, 24 October 2011

Girlie Time

My eldest granddaughter has stayed over for a couple of nights; it has been nice to have her company. She used to stay most weeks but of course now she is a teenager there is so much going on in her life. I’m so pleased for her but I did enjoy are girlie couple of days.
We of course lazed in the hot tub and had a go on the Wii (my new Zumba one). I did have to give in first as Parky managed to stiffen me up, but we had a good try. She has taken it home with her so that she and her Mum can have a go. SORRY K
We had an early night last night cushions all round us in my bed and put on a D.V.D. About half way through it I looked over at her and she was fast asleep, I wouldn’t have minded but it had got to a scary bit and I could have done with at the least a hand to hold.
I am away for a few days, as usual have packed and unpacked several times, does anyone know what to wear in this English weather. We go from quite warm to extremely cold several times a day. I think that may be an exaggeration. If I put much more in my bag I may have to start again with a suite case.
I have packed my pills and have my medic alert bracelet on, what more does a girl need, just to be up in time to get my train. Must set alarm!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

He’s Moved Out

Rat Man came in today and no signs of ratty, yippee have my home back.
How can such a small animal cause so much fear, even now after being reassured that he has gone I find myself listening for the slightest sound?
There is no wonder I can’t watch a horror movie, as soon as one starts it’s a race to find the remote control so that I can change sides.
Well off to my bed, think I will put some music on just to show I can cope!!!!!!!!!
Oh bum I have just remembered I stripped my bed as I had a fear that ratty would like to stay in it, so before I can go to bed I have to make it. I can’t even go in the spare bed as I did the same with that bum, bum, bum.
Good night all

Monday, 17 October 2011

Anyone got a good Ratter

Well I have now had it up to and over my head. I am stiff and I am angry what can I do to get help to sort out the BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB rat
I have a policy that covers me for any infestation, GREAT.
I had to pay the £50 excess up front not so good
They took the £50 but didn’t explain to me that no one would be coming out at the weekend. So Ratty has had several days to wee all over the place chew his way under a door and generally make a nervous wreck of me.
I have moved out as my phobia is RATS.
Evidently having a rat in your house is not an emergency.
Sod it why bother to get insurance I would have been better off asking around to see if anyone has a cat or a terrier that wants to go ratting.
In fact I think I still might, anyone got a good ratter

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Ratty again

Well he is still in my bungalow, and I am feeling sh........t
I spent last night at my daughters and a lot of today with my brother. I won't go inside unless I am chaperoned.
I have now braved it enough to be in my garden I may even do some gardening nooooooooo.
I can't concentrate on anything but Ratty.
There is a rat trap in my hall as we think I have let him out of the kitchen and into the rest of the bungalow. I closed the kitchen door when I left yesterday only to find he has been trying to bite his way under the door. I am hoping that pest control can come and sort me out.
They are talking about Monday but by that time I will be completely round the bend.
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Friday, 14 October 2011


I have a rat in my bungalow; I don’t mean a two legged one I mean a proper one.
It seems he is very partial to custard creams and my apples, and has even pinched chocolates that were in there wrappers in a box on the table.
To say I hate rats is an understatement they freak me out, so tonight I am going to stay at my daughters. There is absolutely no way that I am sharing my home with a rat.
A friend has brought a rat trap and says he will ring me in the morning, I have told him to ring on my mobile as I would not be at home. I really don’t care if they are more frightened of me than I am of them; it is not possible for anything to feel worse than I do.
Not even my hot tub can keep me at home, so you can see what he has managed to achieve. I keep thinking that he must have been around as I was innocently pottering.
When told today that I should be wearing shoes and not go around bare footed as I usually do, I instantly went and put some on which to be honest is an absolute first. My normal answer is that if my dad could not get me to do it after 60 years what chance has anyone else.
Please tell me this is not going to be an on-going saga, as I can feel My Mate Parky using it to have a field day.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Medic Alert

I am now the owner of a nice shinny bracelet that informs anyone who may come to my rescue that I have Parkinson’s. I have registered with Medic Alert who can then relay any medical information that may be needed.
So the fact that I am allergic to plasters and can’t take penicillin will be picked up and stop me from the itching I would get from them.
I didn’t think I need to add that Pears soap is also something that will drive me crazy, as the last time I used it I even had spots in my belly button.
The fact that somewhere it is written down that I have Parkinson’s and I need my drugs has gone a little way in bringing me hope that I will get them.
My brain donor number is also on it, which means that should anything untoward happen to me; Parkinson’s have a lot better chance of receiving it. I know many people will be shocked to learn that I still have the use of it from time to time.
So now I can go on my travels with the knowledge that a bright shiny new bracelet will help to keep me safe.
The one I had before had a screw on top that you put in a folded piece of paper, I lost the top. I think it worked itself loose when I filled the pond in. (that’s another story)Then again I really don’t think that had I needed its support anyone would have been able to read what was on that tightly folded piece of paper.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Thank you Wobbly Williams

First of all for featuring my Blog on your site I was very thrilled to find me there.  Secondly it’s good to see what others have written.
I have read Vicki’s last few Blogs and I‘m pleased to see she is bouncing back from the comments that were made by that Jerk Homes.
I have never liked him and now I know why.
If he had half a brain he would have asked constructive questions, instead he was like a smutty adolescent trying to impress other smutty youths.
After the journey back from Ireland it has taken me a while to sort myself out, I can’t believe that I got so upset that I let Parky in. Well I have made up my mind to calm down and chill.
With that in mind I have used my hot tub as often as I can; last thing at night is wonderful I now go to bed a lot sooner and sleep a lot longer. When I wake up as stiff as a board it just gives me an excuse to go in again.
So this crinkly wrinkly person wants to know if I can get the electric paid for by the National Health Service, or at least a few bars of chocolate to sustain me while those lovely jets of water massage my back.
Sorry am I gloating a little too much.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Thank you "B" My Knight

Was it really Ireland that we travelled back from yesterday?
I was sure we must have travelled half way round the world, and why does everyone on a coach have to get their voices heard asking the most ridicules Questions?
It got to the stage where I was very tempted to stand up and treat them all like naughty children. Put on a very stern voice and insist every on sat still and say nothing.
The hotel we stayed at was on the west coast of Ireland and the ferry we wanted to catch was on the east side.
We set of in reasonable time and even managed a comfort stop, but it seems that the drivers Sat Nav depends on post codes and Ireland has a shortage of them.  Posty knows who’s who so why worry.
Time was getting a bit close owing to road works and Sat Nav, so we were quite relieved when the dock was spotted.  But oh dear it was the wrong port, so after a lot of irate bickering it was suggested we ask a taxi driver to lead the way. This was duly organised and off we set;   but at every set of lights the taxi got through and then they changed to red before we could get through them.
Now I really can’t think what thirty odd back seat drivers can do other that stress the poor driver to breaking point.
After being nudged in the side several times and asked the most stupid questions, Parky decided there was one person he could take control of, I had let my guard down and he came back like he had not done for a long time.
If I could have disappeared into a quiet corner I think I would have been able to take back full control of him.  Instead I seemed to be a the centre and trying desperately to sink fare enough into my seat  so that no one could invade my space and expect me to take sides.
I could feel my face and neck stiffening and I knew that it was only a matter of time until it would get the better of me and I would end up crying.
When the person next me realised the effect it was having on me she then thought cuddling me was a good idea, it might have been at a different time, but not when I was desperately trying to fight Parky. All I wanted was out, so when we managed by some sort of miracle to be let onto the ferry I just escaped as fast as I could.
I didn’t want the upgrade that I had booked as that would have meant the attention of a lot of well-meaning people that I was desperately trying to avoid.
I am aware that I took full advantage of a very nice gentleman that I met on the holiday and for once accepted the help of a knight in shining armour. His gentleness and thoughtfulness helped me to bring Parky back to a form of control, I must thank him as I am not sure if under the stress he realised how much it meant to me.
As he is not a computer nerd like me I doubt that he will see this, perhaps for the best, do I want him to know all about my on-going relationship with Parky. So if you do read this B thank you very much.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

No Cat

Holiday going well but as the weather has changed it looks the catamaran has been cancelled.
So that means that we have to change travel plans.
We had a choice of ferry at eight in the morning or nine at night. Being as we are at the least three hours away the later one has got the vote.
We have gained an extra day along with a lot of chuntering.
Parky has been just managed to sneak in maybe three nights of dancing was a little over the top, do you think one more night will matter?
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Monday, 3 October 2011


Well here I am one full day travelling and two nights dancing, sorry Parky I have you beaten for the moment.
The food is heaven and I have even had a glass of Guinness, different but I think I like it.
The weather hasn't been great but does that matter?
If I pay for this when I get home I don't care. So bring on the dancing I'm not going to bed untill it's all finished.
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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Great Meeting

This is an update on the update.
Fridays get together went very well, everyone was very chatty and I think it made us all realise that without the back up of a Parkinson’s nurse. We need to be there for each other.
Some very good gadgets and one that could be improved on, (that was one of mine) I have a torch type thing that can be hung round the neck.
It has a light on both ends and in the middle is a compartment for two batteries. Mine is so well made that it already has an elastic band holding the cover in place so that the batteries don’t jump out.
Well abracadabra I pulled it out of the bag to show everyone.
First I couldn’t get it too light up, then when I did it wouldn’t turn off, I don’t think anyone will be queuing up to buy.
My absolute favourite gadget is a row of coat hangers on a frame, I can put seven items on it and if it starts to rain all I have to do is take one hanger off the line.
It was very difficult to explain so I have just been in the garden and taken a picture.
Now that reminds me that I need to do ironing as I could do with those trousers for Ireland.
By the way I was fibbing when I said I catch the coach at five in the morning, it’s five thirty. An extra thirty minutes in bed.
Brian Lowe
@MeAndPD Palo Alto, California

Has made a suggestion
“I'm thinking of a website for Parky fun and fitness things...”
Well Brian I think you maybe on to something, I will keep my eyes open for any unusual items.