Monday, 28 March 2011

Two Special People

Yesterday was my eldest Daughter’s birthday and today is the first anniversary of my Dad’s death. I am so glad that there is a day’s difference, while we celebrate the first we are aware of the second.
I have been thinking a lot about them both and the qualities they have in common.
Both spent time helping me and worrying about me, and I know that I am an absolute pain in the bum.
My Dad would do anything my Mum wanted and was happy as long as she was around, he did his very best to make her life as easy as he could. He would have fought tooth and nail for his family.  I think the same goes for my Daughter with her husband, they met the first day at University and have been soul mates ever since. I envy both of them for that bond that comes with finding your true love.
My Dad was a strong outspoken caring person who was there for me through thick and thin, I can see the same strength in her. She is a doer if you mention something in passing emails fly and answers are found.
So thank you Dad for being the best dad a girl could have, and thank you T for taking on his mantle.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Purse Found

My purse was in the garden, I am very relieved that I have found it, not only is it newish but it’s got my bus pass in it and  I certainly don’t want anyone looking at my convict type photo.
I think I got myself stressed out and that let Parky in, I could feel his grip on me. He had tight hold of my arms and shoulders, and I was feeling quite light headed and not with it. No difference there you say.
I have been on antibiotics for a few days and it started to niggle inside my head, what if they were interfering with my Parky drugs? I tried to look them up on the internet feeding all sorts of strange things into the search engine. That came to nothing so I dialled 111 it’s for when you know that you don’t want 999.
They were absolutely brilliant,  I can’t praise them enough, as I was half convinced that it must be the antibiotics the nurse rang me back and went through all my pills and reassured me that everything  was ok.
I hope that I can now calm myself down and get myself fit enough to enjoy China, I am starting to get excited, so as I said before I must be a good girl, take my pills stay away from stress (is that possible).
Then yippee China here I come

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Up All Night

At the moment I am part Zombie like an idiot I stayed up all night, just one of the things that one does from time to time. So now instead of being the good girl I said I would be here I am on day two pottering
I was on my way to bed ( this is second night) when I thought that I had better close the computer down, well then I thought I will just catch up with what’s going in with all the great folks on twitter who like me fight Parky with a pen.

I ended up watching @wobblywilliams and re tweeting it gosh I am even getting the jargon, that got me going so before I go and crash out I will tell you what I have been up to.  

On Sunday morning I went to pay my neighbor my lottery money, as I would be gutted if we won and half the street disappeared without me on some luxurious cruise with a big win. I then took a letter to the next neighbor and came home.

Had to go out later where was my purse now I knew I had it when paying my lottery, but what the heck did I do with it after that.

I have turned this bungalow upside down, in fact it has nearly had a spring clean, notice I said nearly. Every room, every coat, every bag.

I have now stopped credit cards just in case I lost it between one house or another as for the life of me I could not remember coming back in.

I am just so annoyed with myself, and I blame Parky well isn’t that what he is here for?

Well this evening I spoke to a friend on the phone who rather thought that I had gone out in the garden when I got home and if my purse was in my jacket pocket I may have dropped it outside. Well I just can’t stay awake much longer so first thing in the morning I had better get myself out there and hope my nice new purse is sat looking at me or else I may end up doing a spring clean of the garden.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

China For Me

I have made the big decision to go on a singles holiday to China. Life has had a lot of ups and downs, and as is often quoted to me, YOU HAVE TO DO IT WHILE YOU CAN.
So in with both feet and off in June, I must make sure that I look after myself until then so that I will be able to cope with all the wonderful sites that I have been wanting to see for such a long time. Ever since I first heard about the terracotta army I have vowed that given the time and money that was something I had to see.
I have promised my friend that I will not miss any tablets and will try not to get myself stressed. I will stop changing things around in my bungalow and generally be a good girl so that I can manage.
The thing is I now accept that I have this thing called Parkinson’s, I can see it in the mirror when I miss a dose or am late. My mouth seems to have a bit of a twist and I can hear myself slurring my words, if by any chance I get involved with something first thing in a morning and forget to take my handful of pills I find that my toes curl under like claws. That really hits home, what if for some reason I could not get my pills? What would happen?
I am not going down that line, so as long as I am good I hope to keep Parky on the back boiler, he can be with me as long as he doesn’t interfere with my trip.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Wii Again

For the first time in a while I have been on the Wii, my 6 year old grandson is having a sleepover so we decided to have a go.
The last time we had a go at ski jumping he was losing his temper because he spent more time as a snow ball than managing to jump.
Tonight much to his delight he managed every jump and I was the snowball, he very patiently explained to me what I had to do and told me not to lose my temper which I thought was rich coming from him.
I have inflated the airbed in the room and he is camping out or should I say in. He should have lots of room to move about as it is king size, he has taken over my D.S. so no playing cards in bed for me. I better get an early night as I think there is a challenge on in the morning.
It’s a good job he likes porridge for his breakfast it will at least give my pills to kick in before the duel begins.
I do think it is quite wonderful that a six year old boy and his sixty three year old granny can get so much pleasure playing together on the Wii.
So wish me luck, I was going to say I will try my best not to win everything but that maybe a thing of the past. Isn’t it amazing how fast a child develops and also how they take you at face value, I don’t think he sees Parky, I am just his Nanny.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Let Me Dance

I have been reading a lot of tweets on twitter, look at me I have got all the jargon.
Dopadoc has been writing about my second favourite thing dancing, the first of course is chocolate.
Well back to dancing I am hitting the dance floor this evening, though I hope not literally, as I am going out to a dinner dance. I am so looking forward to it.
This time it is posh frocks so I have this amazing little number in red and black, I bought it at this exclusive little shop I know. I think it’s called SENCE.
You have to just catch it right, when there have been some upmarket donations.
I have been to the hair dressers and look quite good for a grey haired old granny. I think the next thing is to soak in the bath with nice smelling things left over from Christmas. Who says I don’t use them?
My shoes have been sprayed inside with something to stretch them so that I can carry on dancing as long as there is music.
I am now off for a pill better keep Parky out of the way, don’t want him to ruin a perfectly good night out

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Addiction by Medication

I have very reluctantly admitted to our Parkinson Support worker that I think the drugs I am on are behind my way of life.
She has given me a copy of Drug treatment for Parkinson’s which is provided by Parkinson’s U.K. I now know that my suspicions are correct.
I can as anyone who has read my blogs knows shop for Brittan, I may disguise it by bargain hunting but the compulsion is there never the less.
I have stayed up all night playing games on the computer. I have been caught out by my daughter who spoke to me on yahoo messenger, I didn’t think she would notice as she was travelling and in another time zone, but of course she cottoned on that I wasn’t up early but up late.
I will not divulge my personal relations as both my daughters read this and as one of them would say MUM THAT IS TOO MUCH INFORMATION.
But what do you do, for the first time since I was diagnosed I seem to be doing really well, I no longer have the stress I had when my poor dad was so ill. I am trying to step back from rushing round to my Mums and letting others take over.
Do I admit to the Neurologist that I am worried about my addictions and risk the upset that comes when medication is altered?
I have always had the problem of sickness when my medication is changed so I’m very reluctant to go down that line
I am truly devastated that my wonderful Parkinson’s nurse retired and I don’t have the close affinity with any other professional that I had with her. I could and did talk to her about anything.
I am open to any suggestions that will make my worries less.