Sunday, 29 January 2012

Change of Brand?????

While I was away dear old Parky decided not to stay in the background, he must have got fed up by my insistence that he didn’t exist.
I am finding the cutting down of my medication a little annoying to say the least, and it has just dawned on me that when I had to change my Drs my tablets changed brand. I am now taking Ralnea, so is this the reason I am having so many times out?
I can’t believe that it hasn’t dawned on me before, just blamed myself for doing too much. I have seen my neurologist recently so do I wait and see what happens or make an appointment with my Dr. Now to add insult to injury I have been reading in my Parkinson Magazine about the effect of taking some of the Parkinson drugs and the side effects that are caused.
That has to be addictive behaviour that quite a lot of Parkinson’s sufferers end up with. I know that I have said this before, do we go for broke and take the pills or do we go for money in the bank and not well enough to spend it?
I will have to debate that with myself, at the moment I have no idea which side would win.
On a lighter subject I am trying to sort through my photos to decide which one to enter into the Parkinson competition this year, I have gone completely crazy since I had my new Camera and taken some amazing photos.
That’s it I will now spend time reminiscing as I trawl through my photos.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Stiff Stiff Stiff

I am sat quietly in a corner in the bar at my hotel, trying to look very busy typing away on my blackberry, hoping my pill will kick in soon. I know if I join my friends that I will have to explain myself, this way I may be able to bluff my way through. I am stiff at the moment and I know that my words have become slurred that my neck has become stiff and while I have been sat here I have missed the line dancing (bum)
Seems like a quiz going on and I don't care
Done too much today, but I have had a great day. Better try and behave from now on. (What's the chance of that???)
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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Ged Roberts

I am now going to try and get my morning requip down again after upping it to cope with Christmas and New year, time out was definitely better but have gone back to staying up too long.
Tonight I am going to switch all this off and go to bed early with a book, so let’s keep fingers crossed that I don’t get so engrossed in the book that I end up reading till all hours.
I will take Ged Roberts with me, his music that is. If you haven’t heard him I suggest you give him a try I find him easy to listen too.
I went on a Rhine cruise and Ged was our entertainer for the trip. I ended up coming home with four of his C. D.s; they are loaded on my little player as well as my computer and have travelled as far as China with me.
I think he soon realised that I would get up and dance at the drop of a hat. Not that you would know!!!!!!!!!!!
So as I was fortunate enough to have two dancing partners he would announce the next song was for me, but of course I also had Parky who tried to cramp my style. He managed to do it but not as often as I expected him too.  He had the led boots but from what I remember he only managed to stop me once. But boy did I manage to rock and roll before he interfered.  
Ged also has his instrumental chill out C.D.s
While listening to one as we were chugging along on the Rhine I felt myself starting to cry, not the best of adverts or then again is it????????????????
Well it’s a good night from me and let’s hope a good night from Ged.
This is a link to him.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

I will stick with the N.H.S.

Well it is now 2012 can you believe it, I have seen the Neurologist and to be fair he was a lot more stressed than me. I was with him all of 5 mins and I think he gave me a compliment. It was something about the fact that he classes me as a knowledgeable patient who if need be can inform any Drs that I may see about my Parkinson’s.
I hope he is correct and secondly more importantly will they listen.
I have been on the Parkinson chat site and boy are the people there good for a laugh, after telling them I liked dancing I was told that was no problem they would look out for a partner for me.
At the last count the man in question had one glass eye one peg leg and had a dog named wolf, they both bathed every other weekend but I’m not sure if that’s in the tub at the same time.
I was also informed that Parkies have higher pain thresholds’ if that’s the case I should have had it when I had my girls, it sure would have made labour a lot easier.
I have talked to Americans, Canadian, Australians and a few Brits. All wanting to help fellow Parkinson’s sufferers. I didn’t realise that for a lot of people drugs are a no no as they can’t afford them. One person told me they felt terrible as there elderly mum helps with the cost. Then there is the guy in hospital that can’t have his usual drugs as they only supply the unbranded ones.
Well I now realise just how fortunate we are, we may complain about our health service but boy oh boy it will do for me.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

2012 Will this be a year to remember?

The last couple of days have not been my best, but you know what I enjoyed the cause very much. New Year celebrations have left me jaded but then I expected Parky to get his revenge. Yesterday was a day for giving in to my desire to sleep. That meant a lie down then get a bit off washing in then back for a quick nap. This was closely followed by a bit of a sleep.
It must have done the trick as I am more with it today, I have sorted out my car insurance, read the electric and gas metres ready to change suppliers and finally got the information to change my internet provider. WOW watch me go.
I have been wondering if I should carry on Blogging, who reads my gibberish but then again does it matter if no one reads it.
Would I get upset to find no one had clicked on my blog? When I have mentioned to friends that I have put something in my blog the response is Oh are you still doing that?
Then out of the blue I have had an email from a guy called Eamonn O’Connell who has a site called Patient Commando, he wants me to put some of my blogs onto his site sort of retweet them. I must admit I am quite flattered with the invitation; I will have to see what I have written to pick out my least boring items.
This is the second part of this blog as the above never got posted. Make that chapter one and this chapter two.
I have sent him two of my blogs and they are already on his site. The first one I picked was my very first as it explains how I started, the second one that I picked is one that tries to explain to my family and friends that I do appreciate what they do for me but I don’t always show it.
I think the sentiment is perhaps more relevant as time goes by, I constantly go that step to far and insist that I can do everything myself and then I end up letting Parky in.
He’s a nuisance and as I was told today he becomes an unwelcome visitor.