Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Stress Free?

I think it is about time I did a bit of updating.
I have been keeping myself away from any stressful places or situations as much as I can.
My motto is chill, and you know what I think it’s working.
I am also having Reflexology, which is absolutely incredible, I felt so relaxed after the first one and my second one is tomorrow so I am looking forward to that.
My wristband is paired up with my phone, not too sure if I am doing ok. What I do know is that I am going to bed a bit earlier as I am still intrigued how it works, how does it know if I am in a deep sleep or a light sleep? Clever thing.
I have also been able to set multi alarms on it so that I can take my pills on time. That’s as long as I have them with me of course, I know it makes a huge difference to me if I GET IT ON TIME.
So with very little stress, reflexology, and my new wrist band I have not had any interference from MY Mate Parky.
I do hope I’m not asking for trouble.  

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Another Gadget

I have invested in a sports band after reading about them on Michel J Fox site. I did my usual trawl through the internet and bought one from amazon. Being a bit silly I expected it in a couple of days but didn’t take into consideration that it was from amazon market place.
It has come all the way from Hong Kong so now I just have to set it up, so no wonder I had to wait.
It has been quite mind blowing setting it up, I now have the alarm set so that it vibrates to let me know I need my pills. It is paired with my phone so I can bring up things like how far I have walked how many calories I have burned.
The main reason I bought it was to track how I sleep, when I wake in a morning I am usually in the same possession I was in when I fell asleep. I want to find out how deep I sleep, not sure what I will do with the information, but waking up with everything aching has become a bit of a pain so to speak.

Thought I had set it up last night but obviously I hadn’t got used to it so tonight I will put it to the test