Friday, 30 December 2011

Parkinson’s Chat Site

the site had problems and had to change there link,24442642

still the same password pa

Friday, 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas

I think it is about time I thanked all you nice people who have read my blog on and off for the last year.
I started this to see if it would help me come to terms with my mate Parky. Well you know what even after days when I have been as stiff as a board and have ended up going to bed because I feel like S---. I still find it hard to accept I have Parkinson’s.
Today has been a day when I haven’t been on top form. I invited my friend round for tea as I knew it would make me sort myself out, as I was finishing off our meal I said to her “I think I have Parkinson’s”. Her reply was “Never mind tomorrow you won’t”.
She knows me to well; I have been doing too much. Too many late nights, too much dancing and if I am honest to many glasses of wine.
When I am not so stiff I shall go back to the Me who can’t for any reason admit that this Parkinson thing is something to do with me.
But boy have I enjoyed myself, with a couple of practice Christmases and a birthday under my belt, oh and a New Year celebration, “thank you Mussel for the Happy New Year wish”. I am now ready for the real thing, so bring it on.
Here’s to my friends and family and all you nice people who through your comments have helped me through the year.
It has been a year to remember, especially my trip to China. For as long as I have a memory that works the sights and the people will be with me constantly. Our guide told us that in china we were the oddities and how right he was.  I think we all enjoyed the youngsters who sidled up to us so that they could have their photos taken with us. I know I did and I am also sure that there are quite a few photo albums that I have wrecked.
So Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year, I hope Santa brings you all you need and that 2012  will be the year that Parky fades into the back ground for all my fellow Parky People.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

My Brother

I have had a good time while away, but have tried to hide quite a few times of wearing off.  To say its BBBBBBBBBBBBB annoying is an understatement.
I think Parky has been around more this holiday than he has been for a while, I did dance but to be truthful I wasn’t always one of the first on the floor and didn’t always stay till the last.
Maybe it’s my age as from Monday me and my big brother will be 64, isn’t that a song. I never thought about getting older when I sang along to that tune, I have just looked it up and it was 1967.
I would have been a little slip of a thing seven stone seven dripping wet, no husband, no children and definitely no Parky.
Looking back was there something that I worked with, something I lived near, something I ate that led me to my mate. I have wondered if all people with Parkinson’s could have a test to see if our bodies have been contaminated if we have more of or indeed less of elements in our bodies than other people have.
Why me and not my twin, not that I would wish this on him. How would he look after me when I’m old and grey, (Bum just looked in the mirror and I am old and grey) by the way that’s something I haven’t told him yet, it’s to be a surprise. He has another year to go before he retires from lorry driving.
It’s rather strange that when we celebrated our 60th birthdays together he still had five years to go before he could retire and I was already retired. (Parky sorted that out).
I have a friend staying and had to use the 111 service as she wasn’t very well, we were told that an appointment had been for her at our local hospital. The hospital is 24 miles away and I knew Parky would hinder my driving, so I had to ring my poor twin and ask him to do the driving. Bless him he came to our aide and so perhaps I should dedicate this to him.
Perhaps he has taken my dad’s place and become my hero, but for heaven’s sake no one tell him, after all these years of scrapping I don’t want him to think I have gone dotty.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

New Dance

I am in a castle in north Wales coming to the end of a turkey and tinsel break we have had christmas day and boxing day tonight It will be new years eve.
I haven't managed to escape Parky he has let me know that partying is not the best idea.
When I enjoy myself I tend to forget about pill popping, so when I get up to dance it is a case of bum bum bum
Still it hasn't stopped me just means I may be starting a new kind of dance
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Monday, 5 December 2011


Today we had the Parkinson’s Christmas lunch so that’s it, its official, Christmas is on the way.
Do you realise that this time next month it will all be over, so that’s one good reason to get on and enjoy whatever life has to throw at us.
For the next month all going well, (like no snow) I intend to party whenever where ever I can. I have two coach trips, (want to dance) the first lasting five days and the second two.
Then I am away for New Year with Just You, (for single travellers)
I really hope I have enough stamina to outwit Parky, I think Wobbly Williams has got it right we need to exercise. I won’t be following his lead and doing marathons, well not in the foreseeable future thinking about it not at all.
Dancing that’s excellent exercise, all I need is a dance and a willing partner. IS THAT TTOOOO MUCH TO ASK.
I know this is a very stupid thing to say but I really can’t believe how much better I feel since lowering my morning pills. I feel more alert and have had many comments to that effect.
My Christmas wish is for a Parkinson’s nurse, someone who understands the effect that the drugs we take have on us, who can moderate our doses according to our lives.  So as in a pantomime I will say the magic words, ABRACADABRA. Bum it doesn’t seem to be working.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Let the Train Take the Strain??

Yesterday I did my annual meet up with my three lady friends, when we met it was as if we had seen each other just a few days ago. We fall back into a nice easy banter and know that we enjoy each other’s company.
I can’t believe it’s a year since we were all together, as our lives are changing it has been the first year since we met that we haven’t managed to get a break together.
It’s a time to catch up with each other’s lives, to find out about children and in some cases grandchildren. For those with new partners it’s a time to sing the praise of those left at home.
We have met in York for the last four or maybe five years as we like it a lot and find everyone can get there on the train, well I say everyone. I of course am the odd man out, (should have said lady).  Although I set out one of the first I was the last to arrive. I had to sit on Grantham station for an hour waiting for the connection.
I was BLOOMING FROZEN, and as you may know Parky is not very pleasant when cold. I stayed calm which was not bad for me and went on to have a very nice day. A bit of shopping, a bit of eating, and a fair bit of chatting.
So one outfit and one meal later we are getting ready for the return journey, two went off leaving two to try the new chocolate place. It got a thumb up from us both. Off we went to the station with a bit of time to spare and boy oh boy there on that flashing board they have my train cancelled.
I had picked that one as there would only be one change.  Parky doesn’t like too many changes, that was not to be, two changes plus the last part of the journey on a bus.
Now very cold, and in the company of one screaming child and a gentleman who was sat just behind me talking to his mobile phone for the entire trip.
There I go moaning again.
So here I am, none the worse for my day out, and I do like that dress I got for half price.