Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Am I a Bad Risk

I am at a holiday camp with two coach loads from my area, must have emptied the place.
Yesterday I met up with a gentleman from my past to lay ghosts. Is it me, Parky or my drugs that makes me such a bad risk as a lover. I can blame the other person but I must accept that I have rushed in head first then as soon as love is mentioned gone the other way.
Has my addictive nature affected my chance of finding or indeed being a good partner.
How many lives have I messed with?
All i can say is sorry and I hope for a little forgiveness
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Monday, 5 March 2012

My Baby is 40

That sure makes me stop and wonder where life is taking me. I can’t believe I am old enough to have a daughter that has reached the grand age of 40, not only that but she has a sister older than her. I must have been a child bride.
She her Partner and her daughter have gone off to New York for a few days, leaving me in charge of the dog. He is part lab part retriever and part loopy. Well reading that I expect we make a great pair.
I have opted to stay at their house instead of taking him to mine, he is better in his own home he tends to get very stressed when anyone leaves. So to keep my sanity and his I am typing this at my daughters.
Well K you will be pleased to know I am slowly ploughing my way through the laundry, a small present on your return will be fine, and diamonds are very small.
This morning I was awoken very early in fact so early that it didn’t quite sink in, to the sound of music playing.  I believe it was the local radio station, the alarm clock is now unplugged so that it can’t happen in the morning.
Now waiting for little granddaughter who is being delivered by her other grandparents, then off to my house to check post back to pick up grandson from school deliver back to said grandparents. Out for a curry, then bingo, not forgetting the dog. How easy is being retired.

Saturday, 3 March 2012


I now have a stiff arm and it’s not Parkys fault, I have had the first of the injections that I need for Peru.

I go at the end of May, it hasn’t felt reel but as the money wants paying soon and the jabs have started I will have to get myself organised.

For a long time there have been two things on my wish list, the first being China which I did last year the second being Peru which I will soon be doing.

Now I shall have to have a new wish list only one that is not quite so expensive. I am starting to get excited so I expect I will be boring for Britain once again.

China was amazing and every bit as good as I had hoped for, probably even belter.  From what I have heard Peru will be equally as good.

I go on the Amazon as an extra add on so I expect that means malaria tablets, I hope they go with Parky drugs. It always gives me a bit of a niggle when I have to take anything else as I would hate to upset my mate.

I will have to find out what cloths I will need; this time I am going to make sure I have a few extra cloths as last time I had gone as light as I could not the best of ideas for a female.

While I was on the Yangzi I thought I would wash out some nicks, after washing them I put them in a towel which I twisted to get as much water out as possible. I left them in the towel while I went and did something else. When I went back to my cabin it suddenly dawned on me that my towels had been changed and my nickers gone.

Now you try explaining to someone who doesn’t speak your language what has happened, it was like something out of a farce. A very nice Chinese lady that was on the boat helped me, to the extent that as I was walking towards my cabin one of the girls that looked after the cabins shouted me and waved my undies in the air, good job they were clean.