Saturday, 1 June 2013

Head in Sand

These last few weeks have been different to say the least and to be fair to Parky he hasn’t been as bad as I thought he would be. Maybe sticking my head in the sand and trying to ignore a lot of what’s going on around me has helped.
My mum has gone into residential care, which has left us feeling very guilty, but also rather relieved that she is being looked after.
Number 1 daughter has told me that when it’s my turn she will just say remember Nana and I will know that’s it is no good being difficult. (I can’t think why she gets this idea that I of all people will be difficult)
Yesterday being the last Friday in the month it was our local Parkinson meeting, I look forward to it as we have some very nice members. We had a lady from the local hospice that came to talk to us about the work they do. There is a day centre that anyone with life changing conditions can go to even if it only for information.
The hospice in question was the same one that my husband had been into many times and indeed where he died, even after 12 years I found myself getting very emotional.
I can talk about his illness and what he went through to anyone else but as soon as I meet anyone from St Barnabas and want to say what a wonderful place it is with such a dedicated staff I go to pieces.
Maybe I should take the bull by the horns and go visit the Hospice and sort of lay a ghost to rest, any way enough of that it must be chocolate time.
Now let me see where did I hide that last bar?