Monday, 25 July 2011

Parky in Germany

I am laying on a lounger at the side of the Mosele River.
I think Parky may be getting used to my galavanting, as I have even managed a bike ride today.
My granddaughter and I flew here on Saturday to meet up with my daughter and son-in-law who have a camper van. Hence the location, a camp site just outside of a town called Zell.
We thought we were in for some bad weather as we were greeted by rain, but last night we spotted stars in the sky so kept our fingers crossed.
Today against all weather forecasts we have had sunshine, doesn't that make all the difference, I can even forget about changing my pills for a while, in fact I shall ignore it completely till I get home.
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Monday, 18 July 2011

I Give Parky to the P.C.T.

I know it is my pet beef but has the health service gone barking mad.
Why is it that we have had such a challenge to try and get Parkinson nurses?
There is money up front to provide for them, people like myself would be better able to control their condition with a nurses help.
I feel very angry at the attitude of those who sit and make such ill informed decisions. The money that has already been spent over the last couple of years on meetings to discus the proposal, has been completely wasted.
We have the McMillan nurses that work along side our Doctors and Nurses, did they have the same set backs we are having?
I live in the second largest County in England, and guess how many Parkinson's nurses we have? Absolutely ZILCH, NONE WHY? WHY?
If by some misfortune someone on the PCT woke up in the morning and found my Mate Parky had moved in with them do you think we would stand a better chance?
Now that has got me thinking, how do I convince Parky that he would do much better if he found someone to bother over in Boston.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Album for a Friend

After many mishaps I finally managed to down load my pictures so that I could buy an album on line.
Thank you Jessops for printing it, I will now be able to bore for the England and maybe for the world.
So not only do I have the pictures on my computer but some on disc and now in an album, how sad is that you can tell what I have been doing since I got home.
Oh I forgot to say I also have one as my desktop.
I made a new friend while away in China, he is a delightful character who seems to be on the same wave length to me. YES CRAZZY.
His camera was misplaced, he thought he had lost it but fortunately there it was at the bottom of his case. I did the quite friendly thing in offering to send him some of my photo's.
To cut the story short R your album should be with you tomorrow. I will keep my fingers crossed that you will like it.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

I'm so Afraid

Well have been home over a week and if everything was going to plan I would have started cutting down on my Requip.
Have I started NO.
Because to be truthful I feel scared of trying. I don't feel I have any back up, my next appointment with the Neurologist is in January.
The Dr that has seen me through thick and thin has retired, and as I have had to change surgeries I have no idea if at this practice there is anyone who has any idea about Parkinson's.
I know I keep on about a Parkinson's nurse but I would feel more confident if I could have a nurse to turn to.
So Blow it I will stay with the pills I am taking who cares if I gamble away my children’s inheritance, what does it matter if I stay up all night, who gives a monkey anyway.
I can forget about getting stiff, starting to trip on the least little thing, and Parky coming back with a vengeance. This of course is what is hanging over me like the sword of Damocles.
We have been rubbing along quite nicely for quite a while. I have found that when he really bugs me it is as much my fault as his so how can I invite him to take over my life.
But most of all I am feeling very very let down, if I as a quite active PD person feel like this what chance is there for any one who needs more help than me???????????????????????????

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Time to Reflect

My Eldest granddaughter Is 13 today, she will be a teenager and is now getting quite grown up. Over those years life has changed completely for most of my family.
The One person who would have loved to see her growing up was her granddad. When she was due he said to me I know you are excited to be having your first grandchild but you must understand that It is not mine so if I don't get as excited as you that's why.
The day she was born he went to the hospital and my daughter passed her over to him and said here you are Granddad and he was hooked. They bonded and for the rest of his life there was something very special between them.
I have so many photo's of them together, mostly cuddled up and often asleep. She called him Yanyan her version of granddad, and would help to look after him as he became more and more ill.
I think she was born for a purpose, as she helped to extend his life and I am sure he would have been very proud of the young lady she is turning into.
So Happy Birthday H from me Nanny and I am more than sure from Yanyan too.
It is on days like this Jim that I know you are missed but also know our lives were enriched by the wonderful memories that we have of your time as a very special YANYAN.

Saturday, 2 July 2011


Well now that the washing has been done, Ironing too that’s a first.
Some of my photos have been sorted and downloaded.
Now I can now try and explain just how much I am delighted that I coped with the holiday and Parky.
He was never too far away and I defiantly found out that I couldn’t take any liberties as he would spoil my fun.
The sights I saw and the friendliness of the people will stay with me for as long as I have a memory.
Two sights that will instantly come to me when I hear China mentioned, are the great wall, if I thought it was magnificent I was proved more than right. The second of course were those awesome warriors.
I was very close to tears as I realised that I had made it after wanting to for such a long time. Later I was a bit surprised but pleased to hear that others had had the same experience.
I will do a first for me and try and put some photo’s in this blog, where I start who can say as I have taken over 500 photos.
I and am waiting for the first victim, I expect some one will be daft enough to say can I look at your photo’s. and then whoopiiiiiii.

I did miss Dad when I got back as I used to buy a book on the places that I visited for him, so that he could feel part of the trip. I bought one of the warriors signed by the farmer who found them, he is only there now for a few hours a day. No photos are allowed he does not like his picture taken. Do you think I am a bit cynical when I wonder if they interchange farmers?
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