Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Less Pill Popping

I am popping fewer pills now and already I feel considerably better than I did, I have even had a few compliments saying how good I am looking.
My appetite seems to be improving, I am now thinking about what I want to eat instead of forgetting that I haven’t eaten if you see what I mean.
Because of my change of weight and not having so much stress in my life I obviously didn’t need as much medication, I found it a lot easier than I thought I would so that is a real bonus.
I am convinced that STRESS is the worst thing for those of us who have Parky waiting on the side line. When I am confronted with a stressful situation I just walk away from it, if I hurt someone’s feeling then that’s their problem not mine. It has taken me a long time to work that one out, I think it’s called self-preservation.

I have started playing bowls twice a week the type that gets you walking up and down the rink as you change ends, and I have found I really enjoy it. I have joined a camera club so there is no stopping me. I may even take my camera into the bowls club who knows I could then combine my hobbies.  

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

I Don't Believe It

On the 10th of March I had my appointment with my Neurologist who I hadn’t seen for over a year, in fact if I had not rung up to see what was happening I would probably still be waiting.
Over this time I have lost a lot of weight, at first I was not concerned as I felt alright, but then I started to get a lot of comments about how I looked (not complimentary ones)
I now look in the mirror and see my elderly mother looking back at me and realise how scrawny I look.
Not having an appetite and also not sleeping didn’t help, or the nightmares that were terrifying when I did drop off certainly helped the haggard look.
It was decided that because of the weight loss I would take lower doses of two of my tablets. I was also told to recommence the antidepressants which had been stopped when the Neurologist had contemplated changing my medication.
The letter to my GP giving information of the changes was dated the 20th of March. I also had a copy.  On reading it I was quite distressed to see that I have symptoms of anorexia and also Complex Phase of Parkinson’s.
It has knocked me back a bit and I think I could really do with starting those antidepressants but as yet no show.
On the first visit to the surgery no Dr had seen the letter, on the second only the ones that had been reduced were on my repeat, on the third I picked up a prescription only to find it was for the ones I already had. Do you think there is any chance that a Dr will read far enough down the letter to get the pills I need?

On the positive side I have had much more sleep since reducing the doses that I take, and I am trying really hard to think about eating. About six small meals may get me into the habit so anyone wanting to feed me I’m free.