Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Less Pill Popping

I am popping fewer pills now and already I feel considerably better than I did, I have even had a few compliments saying how good I am looking.
My appetite seems to be improving, I am now thinking about what I want to eat instead of forgetting that I haven’t eaten if you see what I mean.
Because of my change of weight and not having so much stress in my life I obviously didn’t need as much medication, I found it a lot easier than I thought I would so that is a real bonus.
I am convinced that STRESS is the worst thing for those of us who have Parky waiting on the side line. When I am confronted with a stressful situation I just walk away from it, if I hurt someone’s feeling then that’s their problem not mine. It has taken me a long time to work that one out, I think it’s called self-preservation.

I have started playing bowls twice a week the type that gets you walking up and down the rink as you change ends, and I have found I really enjoy it. I have joined a camera club so there is no stopping me. I may even take my camera into the bowls club who knows I could then combine my hobbies.  

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

I Don't Believe It

On the 10th of March I had my appointment with my Neurologist who I hadn’t seen for over a year, in fact if I had not rung up to see what was happening I would probably still be waiting.
Over this time I have lost a lot of weight, at first I was not concerned as I felt alright, but then I started to get a lot of comments about how I looked (not complimentary ones)
I now look in the mirror and see my elderly mother looking back at me and realise how scrawny I look.
Not having an appetite and also not sleeping didn’t help, or the nightmares that were terrifying when I did drop off certainly helped the haggard look.
It was decided that because of the weight loss I would take lower doses of two of my tablets. I was also told to recommence the antidepressants which had been stopped when the Neurologist had contemplated changing my medication.
The letter to my GP giving information of the changes was dated the 20th of March. I also had a copy.  On reading it I was quite distressed to see that I have symptoms of anorexia and also Complex Phase of Parkinson’s.
It has knocked me back a bit and I think I could really do with starting those antidepressants but as yet no show.
On the first visit to the surgery no Dr had seen the letter, on the second only the ones that had been reduced were on my repeat, on the third I picked up a prescription only to find it was for the ones I already had. Do you think there is any chance that a Dr will read far enough down the letter to get the pills I need?

On the positive side I have had much more sleep since reducing the doses that I take, and I am trying really hard to think about eating. About six small meals may get me into the habit so anyone wanting to feed me I’m free. 

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Come on Christmas

It’s getting to feel a lot like Christmas as the song goes, and guess what I may even be organized this year.
I better not get that cleaver there is bound to be something I have forgotten.
I decided to go away this year go and party, live a bit or even a lot if the company is right. I will let you know when I get back.
It’s a coach trip only as I booked it on line the coach is coming up from the south and I’m heading across country from the opposite direction. The holiday is for singles so as long as there is at least one person who hasn't found a friend on the coach I should be alright. I just don't want to go somewhere and be the spare part. Which happens when everyone else happens to be part of a couple.
Please don’t let it snow until the New Year so that I can drive myself there. I do have a backup plan my big brother. He loves driving and has a nice posh car so I could arrive in style.
I get back from my Christmas break on Sunday and I am then heading down to London for the New Year. My friend and I decided to go and see the firework display for ourselves so with all these plans and a birthday as well I am now getting a bit excited. Then of course our Parkinson’s support  group have a Christmas Dinner which I do a lot of the organizing don’t you just love this time of year.

So if some kind person could take Parky off my hands it would be brilliant as I really don’t have time for him (not much chance of that but I can live in hope)

Sunday, 7 December 2014

A Bit Scary

Have I accepted that I have a condition called Parkinson’s?
If it wasn’t for my total dependence on Pills I would say no, but it really comes back to bite me when I go to get a pill and find the one I should have taken four hours before.
Is it really any wonder that I allow Parky to come and really annoy me.
This last week I have been on a Turkey and Tinsel break and had a great time. I had a go at archery, shooting and bowling besides doing quizzes. In the evening there has been dancing and most of the time I have been on the dance floor.
But miss just one of my pills and I begin to stiffen it’s a bit scary at times. I went for a swim on the first day and found it a bit difficult. I am not the best of swimmers but set out to swim the length of the pool, I was out of breath when I got to the end and went to grab the bar only there wasn’t one so I went under. I didn’t want to end up drowning on my first day of the holidays, I managed to claw my way up the wall and as you can see I am here to tell the story.
To be honest it gave me a bit of a fright and I kept it to myself not wanting to admit to my friends or myself just how scared I had felt. Was it the Parkinson’s that made me so breathless or the pills or am I just so unfit?

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Stress Free?

I think it is about time I did a bit of updating.
I have been keeping myself away from any stressful places or situations as much as I can.
My motto is chill, and you know what I think it’s working.
I am also having Reflexology, which is absolutely incredible, I felt so relaxed after the first one and my second one is tomorrow so I am looking forward to that.
My wristband is paired up with my phone, not too sure if I am doing ok. What I do know is that I am going to bed a bit earlier as I am still intrigued how it works, how does it know if I am in a deep sleep or a light sleep? Clever thing.
I have also been able to set multi alarms on it so that I can take my pills on time. That’s as long as I have them with me of course, I know it makes a huge difference to me if I GET IT ON TIME.
So with very little stress, reflexology, and my new wrist band I have not had any interference from MY Mate Parky.
I do hope I’m not asking for trouble.  

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Another Gadget

I have invested in a sports band after reading about them on Michel J Fox site. I did my usual trawl through the internet and bought one from amazon. Being a bit silly I expected it in a couple of days but didn’t take into consideration that it was from amazon market place.
It has come all the way from Hong Kong so now I just have to set it up, so no wonder I had to wait.
It has been quite mind blowing setting it up, I now have the alarm set so that it vibrates to let me know I need my pills. It is paired with my phone so I can bring up things like how far I have walked how many calories I have burned.
The main reason I bought it was to track how I sleep, when I wake in a morning I am usually in the same possession I was in when I fell asleep. I want to find out how deep I sleep, not sure what I will do with the information, but waking up with everything aching has become a bit of a pain so to speak.

Thought I had set it up last night but obviously I hadn’t got used to it so tonight I will put it to the test

Saturday, 13 September 2014

from Pot to Boot

What an Idiot I am, I somehow missed a step and landed flat on the floor. Well not quite flat as I managed to hurt my left foot graze the knee. My palms also have graze marks and to top that off so to speak I have a graze on my face. The thing that hurts most is my dignity.
How could I miss a step, I bet it was Parky?
My big brother took me to the hospital where after the usual long wait I ended up with a pot on my left foot. Next day my daughter took me to the fracture clinic where the pot was replaced with a boot, so I look like I’m wearing a moon boot.
I asked the guy who fitted the boot would I be able to drive with it on as I have an automatic car. He said the best thing was to ring My Insurance Company.
When I got home that’s what I did to be informed that it was up to a Dr to say if I was fit to drive.
The next thing I did was phone my Doctors surgery to be told as they hadn’t seen me I had better get in touch with the hospital.
So I rang the hospital but as it was Friday there was no one there to help me.

Oh well I suppose that means I will have to be good and rest.
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