Friday, 24 February 2012

Ghost Trip

I have been up to London not to visit the Queen, even though she is a very nice lady.

I went to see Ghost, what an amazing production. After seeing the film I wasn’t sure that I would like the musical on the stage I really could not see how they could pull it off.

WOW they sure did it was so convincing how a lot of the effects were managed kept us all talking for the rest of the trip. There were 44 of us and I don’t think anyone said anything about not liking it.

My one and only complaint was that the sound was a bit load to the extent that I envied those with hearing aids as I noticed several people around me turning the volume down.

As we were taking our seats a man in the row in front asked us if we had been before, when we told him that it was the first time he said we would need a hankie mostly in the last ten minutes.

Don’t you just hate a cleaver person? I fought hard to try and control myself as I could have sobbed, a few tears escaped, but then I am a big softie, there were a few hard people around me who said it hadn’t made them cry, not sure they were all telling the truth.

Do you think Parky and I could become theatre critics? Working our way round England we could perhaps fit in a bit of food tasting at the same time just to make the trip worthwhile.

Back to reality, we played Bingo on the bus on the way home and I won £5 so all in all I had a great time. But even better than that Parky didn’t show his head at all, YIPPI.

Friday, 17 February 2012

lets Help Marc

I have a friend who’s grandson has a condition called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He is 14 years old and has no use in his legs and limited use at the moment in his upper body.
He needs a new wheel chair to help him continue his currant schooling and improve his quality of life. Our NHS are unable to provide wheelchairs for Marc and many other children.
You can find Marc’s story on facebook, his page is wheels 4 Marc.
I understand that he is using a chair that is not big enough which causes his psoriasis to become a lot worse.
Anyone wishing to help this very brave young man please visits his site and give a couple of quid and perhaps spread the news further.
Let’s hope with a little help from a lot of friends we can get Marc the kind of wheels he deserves.
There is a paypal account and I for one have just given.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Family Tree

I have spent the best part of today trawling through mounds of paperwork belonging to my family tree; I have a huge amount to go out.
It is one of the things I should have done as I was going along; get the main facts onto either the computer of a filing system. But no clever clog here has saved even scraps of paper just in case I didn’t get it right.
So I have dates with no name and names without any dates. Even in my wildest dream I surely should have known I hadn’t a cat in hells chance of remembering what those snippets were to do with.
I have been ruthless, mind you the bin has not made it out to the wheelie bin yet, bum that reminds me it is black bin day tomorrow and as we seem to be one of the first there is no good me forgetting.
That’s done now at least I didn’t have to drag it through the snow this week. Last week was paper card and tins so I get a bit carried away but last week I had to raid the bin as I had recycled the picture that was in the local paper of my Grandson taken at his school.
His class had to dress up as a character from the book that they were reading at school. Don’t know the book but he was dressed as a fisherman and stood with three girls on either side of him, that’s my boy he must be so used to Girls Company being sandwiched between two sisters that it’s quite the natural thing to do.
I have him for the day tomorrow as his mum is going out and taking his sisters, its half term. So I am helping by taking a trouble maker out of the equation. He is as good as gold on his own but fights for attention when his sisters are with him.
Perhaps we will have a Wii day; he will like that especially when I get thrashed.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Let it Snow

Looking out into the garden is like looking at a picture post card, the whole garden is covered in a blanket of white, and whoever said that everyone’s garden looks the same when covered in snow was spot on.
I went walking with the local U 3 A Friday we parked at the back of our local Brewery, did an hour and a half walk then into the visitor centre for a meal.
The horse seems to be looking on in amazement, bet he’s thinking what are these crackpots doing.
We started out a bit nippy but everyone agreed that the snow had made it a very nice invigorating walk. As can be seen from the Pictures it was a clear sunny day. It is nice to find walks that are on your doorstep that you have no idea exist.
This exercise has been followed by a very lazy weekend
Well That was Friday and I slept like a baby, better go out and do one tomorrow to make up for lounging about, I have even watched an Agatha Christie that I recorded before Christmas. I have resisted the urge to start a jigsaw, as that would have kept me at home for quite a while.