Thursday, 12 September 2013

Nanny went to Legoland

Hi all so much seems to have happened since my last Blog.
I have been with my daughter and grandchildren to Legoland, we had a three day break staying two nights in a Hotel with three days in Lego land. It’s so big I had no idea there was so much to do and see. It was packed, children getting there last outing before going back to school after the summer holiday.
As the day went on the queues became quite long but at least it was before the rain came back, then again some of the rides were ones where you could get drenched so that made up for the hot weather.
I had a panic when I was sorting my pills out to take with me I was one missing, I take 10 mg of Ropinirole in the morning this is made up of 2x4mg and one 2. I started to fill my box up for the week only to find I was short of the 4mg. To say I panicked is a bit of an understatement, I know that without them I would be frozen solid and there would be no Lego land for this Nanny.
Fortunately I managed to scrape enough of the 2’s together to get me through the three days, what had happened to my 4s heaven knows. The chemist says they were dispensed and as I collected my prescription in two lots owing to the fact it wasn’t all there the first time I went. I can’t say if I had them or not all I know is they were not in the box I keep them in.
I started to get a bit worried as we were on our way home hoping to get to see a doctor the next day and yes getting rather stressed which also meant getting stiff. If only a stress free life was possible I’m sure that would keep Parky away.

Well back to Lego land we saw a pirate show it was excellent and made for some amazing photos. I will  see if I can put some on here.