Sunday, 30 September 2012

Is That a Light I Can See?

I have I think started to get used to the drop in medication, was a bit worried when I started to get stiff quite often.
Every ache and pain was the fault of the change in pills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then there were the times that I had to put my dressing gown on after a shower as my hands didn’t seem to be able to use the towel to dry me. (Oh the frustration)
My friend told me that I looked ill which was very nice of her; and even said her mum had made the same comment when she had seen me. She was very concerned that I was dropping the Requip a little bit too fast (I am back down to 10mg). I value her input as she went with me to the Neurologist as a backup memory, I have taken what she said on board and so I am putting off dropping down to 8mg. So thank you J for keeping your beady eye on me I sure need it.
I am meeting a friend this weekend so want to be able to manage the train journey I also don’t want her to spend the weekend looking after me.
Today I feel a lot more alert, have taken my pills when the alarm on my watch beep beeps. I went to bed before midnight last night and went to sleep.
But most exciting of all I started doing things around the bungalow and forgot to turn the computer on. WOW.
You will notice that it doesn’t take much to excite me.
I am now quite happy to be single and in charge of the remote control in fact instead of spending time on the computer I have been watching some of programs that I had sky +.
I have treated myself to a heated under blanket for my bed, wow what luxury, so off to bed early nice and toasty.
Well what about Parkie?
He doesn’t feel such a threat at the moment; I know that I have good people around me my family my friends and a consultant plus Parkinson’s nurse  who are I know I can talk to.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Update on Parkinson's Chat

the site had problems and had to change there link,24442642

still the same password parkie

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Bit of a Yoyo Time

My reduction of my Requip has not gone as smooth as I would have liked. I came down reasonably easy the first two weeks and was quite confident to attempt the third week. I had been dropping 2mg at a time, so I was down to ten. Oh boy that was Parky’s delight he came dropping in like a bomb.
I was so stiff that even with the help of the extra in my other pills I was not coping at all, scared the sh-t out of me. I even had to ask number one daughter to help me off with my bathing costume when we went swimming.
My arms were made of lead and doing small tasks was made so difficult, as I was going away for a couple of days I had to give in and go back to 12mg.
BUM BUM BUM, I just hate the fact that Parky has got such a hold on me, if for some reason I couldn’t get my pills what would happen to me???????????????
The good news is that I am back to being a lot more frugal to the extent that I am starting to worry about the amount of money I have frittered away over the last few years.
I am now being extra careful and at the moment living out of the freezer and the cupboard; it will be concoction time again. When I put a plate of food on the table and say you haven’t had this before and you will probably never get it again as I won’t remember what went in it. Well I have had some cracking meals made this way.
So the quandary is do I stay at 12mg for a few more weeks or do I try again before I see my neurologist?

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Back from Wales

I am home after a few pleasant days being taken up hill and down dale by a good friend who invited me to South Wales along with my camera.
Thank you R for being my chauffeur, my guide, and for trying to do the impossible task of getting me to pronounce those Welch names.
The scenery was spectacular and the people very friendly. The weather was a bit hit and miss but who’s bothered it’s only water.
The only thing was as I have been reducing my Requip I found the last couple of days I was not at my best. I know that I tend to go quiet and withdrawn but as Parky makes it difficult to do things, the concentration becomes overwhelming.
The good news is that I am now down to 10mg of Requip in a morning and have only to come down to 8. I know I time out and have to take my other pills at the proper time, so am concentrating on hearing my watch pinging at me every four hours.
I was at a house where the dog suddenly started barking he had heard the alarm before me, but boy do I know if I have gone over.
Parky puts me into robot mode, I start to stiffen. I think my neck and mouth go first, it’s as if I have had a drink too many. I am conscious that I’m slurring and I think I go a bit light headed; my limbs don’t seem to be in coordination with each other.