Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Benefits of Parky

I have been reading the comments that people have left on this blog and I want to thank every one of you. I must admit there are times when I wonder have I now rattled on long enough is it time to bring an end to My Mate Parky? I also want to apologies for not replying too many of you.
I started writing this in October 2010.My reason was to get all the things that were building up inside my head out. Have I done that well I can’t say I have, as one thing gets sorted something else manages to slide its way in.
In some ways having Parkinson’s has enhanced my life, I help with my local group and can number among my friends some very special people.
Would I have gone to China last year and Peru this if the threat of how I might be in the future wasn’t hanging over me? I think they would have always stayed on my wish list and what a great experience I would have missed.
I would not have done my sky dive which even now brings a smile to my face,
Thursday I am organizing a stall at a local charity afternoon tea, so instead of being in by myself I shall be hoping to meet fellow Parkie‘s or anyone who wants to know something about us.
I am ever so slowly admitting I have Parkinson’s and please can I have some help, I have told someone very close to me that complaining to me just sets me off and if they really want me to visit they will have to be more positive. To be around negative people is the worst thing a Parkie person can do.
I still stay up a bit longer than I should; I still try to do things by myself because that’s what I have always done. Then I tell other not to be so independent, to ask me if they want help.
But then again is that what I would be without Parky by my side, I expect that is just how I would be but without the excuses that Parky gives me.
That means that for the moment I will carry on blogging, even if no one reads it, who knows one day I might find I have got my head around My Mate Parky

Monday, 16 July 2012

Long-time no Blog

Have spent time gardening between rain showers this week. That’s because I have given up the idea of moving, once again I have looked around and know I can’t leave.
There are not only memories here but a load of possessions, I know that in the future I will have to downsize but for the moment I really can’t face the upheaval.
Hence the fact that I have to get myself into gear and do some sorting out. So as its summer (well supposed to be) it seemed a good idea to start outside.
I have been painting fences, I was hoping to win the lottery and have a brick wall built, but as the win eludes me I will have to stick with my fence panels that need painting every now and then. I must admit that I do like my paint sprayer I think I would have given up after the first panel if I had carried on using a brush.
Parky was not going to be good if I had carried on with a brush but he soon settled down when spraying started. I couldn’t believe how much better it went.
So that’s my reason to try any gizmo I can. No paint spraying No fence painted which would have meant paying someone else to do it. I must be saving loads of dosh.
Did anyone read that there is a link between DDT and Parkinson’s; I think we could have all told whoever was researching that fact that we already knew it to be true.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sleep me Better

Hi it’s been a while since I did a Parky Blog, I have not felt like putting what I feel into words.
I am waiting for an appointment with a different neurologist and now realise that my appointment with the one I’m with is due. Do I cancel or will I end up not seeing anyone at all.
I really want to sort out my pills and seem to be thinking of nothing else. Then to finish things off when I picked up my prescription I have been given a different brand of Ropinirole, instead of Requip I have something called Ralnea which is the one that I was on when I thought I was going downhill fast.
I just think BUM I can’t be bothered to fight another chemist.
I can’t be bothered to fight at all, perhaps I need another holiday. Tropical skies, bowls of fresh fruit, long cool drinks and pills all sorted.
Parky has been around a bit lately, perhaps more than I myself realise.  It’s not until my friend asks me if I’m feeling better and says she was a bit worried about me that I admit to myself that perhaps I was not up to Par.
I do tend to lock myself away and sleep away my troubles.
So good night all I feel sleep coming on.