Saturday, 16 June 2012

Beaten By Parky

I didn’t think I would ever admit that Parky has beaten me, I don’t know if it is the upset tummy the late night or just knowing that it is time to sort out my medication.
He has arrived full force. This morning it has taken me forever to shower as my hands just don’t respond.
I have tried to fold clothes that want to go away, but bum bum bum I can’t seem to do it.
Is this what I have to look forward too?
Is this my destiny?
Shall I end up sat in a corner as stiff as a board and as grumpy as hell?
That reminds me better not forget my Happy pill, TAKEN.
I am going to have a wee nap and just hope that it invigorates me, then I may even tackle the rest of the washing.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Back From Peru

Have been to Peru seen it but never got the tea shirt.
It has been a truly inspiring holiday one I would not have missed for the world. To stand and look at the scenery at Machu Picchu and wonder how those resourceful Incas managed to move those colossal stones and lock them into place is just mind boggling.
  This is the smallest stone in the place, pointed out to use by the local guide.
A lovely lady who is fiercely proud of her heritage, she doesn’t think much to the Spanish Conquistadores who arrived in Peru bringing with them the full might of the inquisition.   
I managed most of the walk or should I say climb as we looked round the site, but I didn’t go to the highest parts, I didn’t want anything to spoil the day.
So that was one in the eye for Parky.
Look I made it; I think I was very close to tears as I have now managed the two things on a long lasting wish list.
The first was the terracotta warriors which I saw last year in China.
The second of course was Machu Picchu.  
I will have to start another list but I think it will have to be much nearer to home owing to the fact that Parky really fought back as I traveled home.
It hasn’t helped that I ended up with a dickey tummy when I got home, so I am now taking it very quiet. Have been in the hot tub and woke myself up with a loud snore.
I have to keep telling myself that I have really been and seen this remarkable view.