Saturday, 21 December 2013

Clickety Click 66

Another Birthday now I’m 66, which means I have been doing this blog for over three years. Who would have thought when I first sat at this computer and tried to get down on paper what was happening to me I would still be doing it now.
I have to ask myself if I have managed to do what I set out to do. I know from some incredible feedback that some people have not only enjoyed what I have written but it has also helped them in their own fight with Parky.
Parky has enabled me, turned my world upside down. I find I don’t suffer fools gladly why should I get involved with anyone who will stress me out. Maybe I use him from time to time so as to get my own way, I hope not too often.
I so enjoyed my dancing last week which was an unexpected bonus. Not sure if it was lack of stress, pills, or just bloody mindlessness. I do realize that the next time I try it may all go belly up but I will have to risk it.
I am so fortunate to have family and friends who are also coping with Parky; he is not the best of company especially when I do things that encourage him. Like forget pills or have more than one drink.
I would like to thank the people who have got in touch with me for doing just that. I sit at my computer like I have done from the beginning and prattle on in isolation its really nice to know that I am not in fact isolated at all.
So have I succeeded, my life is online in black and white and even I am amazed at what I have managed to do. From the highs of China and Peru, to the lows of Ratty and Requip, it’s all there.

Monday, 16 December 2013


I am laid in bed winding down after an evening of good food, good company, an excellent show then best of all I spent the rest of the evening Dancing. I don't give a damn if Parky gets his own back in the morning he can' take this evening away from me. I don't remember the last time I managed to dance for as long, so as you can gather I am on a high.
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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Moving the Wrong Things

I think I must have an unknown visitor who comes to my bungalow and hides my things. The times I search for something that I have just put down seems to becoming much to regular.
Now if I could find the person who hides my things I would be extremely happy, the tickets for the concert I went to tonight were only found at the last minute. I knew they were in a safe spot but I’m sure that where I found them was much safer than I would think off.
The Christmas presents that I hid when my daughter came round seemed to have disappeared into thin air, I went through every room not once but several times. Then walking into my bedroom I looked at the shelves in there BINGO I found them.
I am convinced that all this recycling is making me into a hoarder; I can put my paper and tins out take glass to the bottle bank then any clothes to the charity shop but what do I do with things that don’t fit into these categories.
That old doorbell or the wax from old candles, then there are jars of lotions and makeup that’s out of date. If I empty them to recycle the containers what do I do with the contents? Gizmos with batteries that show the sign that means don’t put me in a wheelie bin.
It would be great if the person that moves things around the place moved things I don’t want instead of the things I do want.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Christmas Dinners

First Christmas Dinner eaten, local Parkinson’s support group Christmas dinner planned. I guess it must be getting close to December the 25th.
With nearly a month to the big day it feels like it’s a lot closer. I have been trying to make my Christmas cards, but will I be able to afford the stamps. Please no one send me one of those larger ones as last year the post office must have made a bob or two out of my Aunty as she didn’t realise that her card needed higher value stamps on. The post office then charged the people who received them the extra plus £1 not a bad way to earn an extra crust.
Today we had the last Parkinson’s meeting of 2013 where did that year go? Lots of new people we are getting a really nice mix. We had two ladies who gave us massages, I was lucky enough to have an Indian head massage. I ended up looking like a scarecrow but it was well worth it.

While this was going on we had games and it seems that my shut the box was a great hit, I also bought a new game called Qwirkle I don’t think anyone managed to suss it out so will have to play it with the grandchildren before it shows its face at another meeting. 
Next month we have the Christmas Dinner to end the year. I have taken charge of it for several years now and quite enjoy doing it; we are up to 32 at the moment so a good turnout.
I well overslept this morning so it was panic stations to get my pills and move myself. I just about got myself in gear for the meeting. I have an uneasy feeling that my tablets are getting a bit of an issue. I am going to bed later and later in fact two nights in a row I had very little sleep. I have started to rock which I suspect is not the best of signs.
So from this bog eyed scarecrow good night. 

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Parky has Won, (BUM)

Last night I tried scuba diving at our local swimming pool, it was one of those things that I have had a bit of a yen to do.
When the opportunity arrived I jumped at it, so there I was in swimming costume with my walk the wall t-shirt on that I had bought in China raring to go. The t-shirt is so that the straps of the diving gear don’t dig in.
It took a while to get all the gear on, getting all the straps tight, I was so looking forward to getting under the water and having a go.
But  BUM BUM BUM Parky decided to restrict my leg movements. There was no way that I could move my legs up and down in the water; it was like I had heavy weights on them. When I tried to concentrate on my legs I found I was starting to get upset, the same feeling I get when I try to dance and find my feet won’t go in time to the music.
I have come to the conclusion that having Parkinson’s stops me from multitasking I have to concentrate on one thing at a time, hence using the air tank and trying to get my legs going was just an invitation for Parky to show up.
I am gutted; it had never even crossed my mind that I would not be able to do the basic bit of just moving through the water.

So this time Parky you have won, and that sure is a hard thing to admit.  

Monday, 4 November 2013

Rest in Peace

Yesterday was the funeral of my Mum, as she was the last of her generation I did wonder if the extended family of cousins will get together again. We all realised that the only time we see each other is at hatch match and dispatch, as there are very few Christening and Marriages these days it just leaves the funeral.
I started this several days ago and have found it difficult to know what to say, she was 90 and repeatedly told us she was ready to go.
Then today I had a phone call from a school friend’s husband to say she had died from cancer, life is such a bitch suddenly you realise that the time we have is precious and every one of us should live life to the full.
So many people spend their time bitching and complaining that they can’t see the Roses let alone smell them.
Tonight I will spend a bit of time thinking of my Mum and my friend; I have so many memories of them, which in turn keeps them alive.
All I have left to say is Rest in Peace, you both deserve that.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Not the Best Homecomeing

The cruise was fantastic and I met a lot of very nice people, hello to any who may read this.
On arriving I was met with the news that my Mum had died the day before. She was 90 so not totally unexpected but still a shock.
She had an operation last Tuesday and was sent home two days later, as she lived in a care home it sounds as if she was being pampered by the staff as they were very fond of her. Unfortunately she had to go back into the hospital where she died.
The hospital in question is one of the ones that have been getting a bit of a slating so it now seems an autopsy is needed. That is because her operation was so close to her death.
Now it’s a waiting game to find out what is happening.
I am trying not to get stressed and allow Parky a way in but let’s put it this way it’s after four in the evening and I haven’t got dressed yet, what a slob?

I still have a lot of washing to do and things to put away but as I am a bit on the stiff side I may just go for a long soak in the bath, well at least I would smell a little sweeter.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Life on Board

I am laid on a lounger in the sun its a great way to spend your life. No worrying about what you want to eat as the variety is mouth watering.
I said I would try and leave Parky at home, no chance, I now know that alcohol is a definite NO NO, I have spent the first few days in Parky's grasp and you know how I hate that.
I am half way through the holiday and have just managed to stop Parky from making me stiff, don't get me wrong I am enjoying my self BUT it would be wonderful not to always have to play by Parky's rules
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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

I am going cruising

I know I’m a little bit premature but I have started packing my case ready to go on a cruise, the bungalow has had  dresses all over the place and I have bored my friends by constantly asking will this dress be ok and do you think this one suites me?
We booked nearly a year ago and have been hoping for an upgrade, we have had one we are now more central on the boat but still have an inside cabin, as we go next Monday I don’t hold out much hope of an outside cabin, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed.
The idea of waking up somewhere different every day without having to pack and unpack seems an ideal way of getting about.
My camera is ready to go there should be many photo opportunities’ over the two weeks my friend and I are away.
The friend is the one that I was sharing with when I got stuck in the clay while holidaying on the Isle of White, the day I had to ring 999 to get myself rescued.
I expect I will be watched to make sure I don’t get myself into a similar situation. The thing is after all the years of not letting anyone help me I am finding that I am not so bolshie and give in gracefully I know she cares enough to look out for me even if at times I do some really daft things.
Parky pills are sorted don’t want him to spoil anything. He has been quite good, in fact when I had a very bad case of upset tummy which lasted three days and saw me sleeping most of the time, I was amazed at how little he interfered especially as taking pills was a bit hit and miss.
Is there any chance that I can leave him behind, it sure would be nice?

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Nanny went to Legoland

Hi all so much seems to have happened since my last Blog.
I have been with my daughter and grandchildren to Legoland, we had a three day break staying two nights in a Hotel with three days in Lego land. It’s so big I had no idea there was so much to do and see. It was packed, children getting there last outing before going back to school after the summer holiday.
As the day went on the queues became quite long but at least it was before the rain came back, then again some of the rides were ones where you could get drenched so that made up for the hot weather.
I had a panic when I was sorting my pills out to take with me I was one missing, I take 10 mg of Ropinirole in the morning this is made up of 2x4mg and one 2. I started to fill my box up for the week only to find I was short of the 4mg. To say I panicked is a bit of an understatement, I know that without them I would be frozen solid and there would be no Lego land for this Nanny.
Fortunately I managed to scrape enough of the 2’s together to get me through the three days, what had happened to my 4s heaven knows. The chemist says they were dispensed and as I collected my prescription in two lots owing to the fact it wasn’t all there the first time I went. I can’t say if I had them or not all I know is they were not in the box I keep them in.
I started to get a bit worried as we were on our way home hoping to get to see a doctor the next day and yes getting rather stressed which also meant getting stiff. If only a stress free life was possible I’m sure that would keep Parky away.

Well back to Lego land we saw a pirate show it was excellent and made for some amazing photos. I will  see if I can put some on here.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Parky People are the Best

Today was our monthly Parkinson’s meeting; I really look forward to it. To think that when I went to the first one it wasn’t exactly a case of being dragged there screaming and shouting but I had threatened the person who took me that if I didn’t like it I would go to the loo and not come back. That was I think about eight years ago and I’m still going. I have met some incredible people and come to the conclusion that Parky people are some of the best
The person who has run it from the beginning has stepped down so today we gave him a surprise party, in fact I have just eaten a very large piece of fresh cream chocolate cake that I brought home with me.
We are now going to share his job between four of us with different strengths, he has been the person who has made sure we survived and been an inspiration.
My contribution has to be computer based as that is something I enjoy. I am so lucky that no one else wanted to do it. That said I did his thank you card which has meant me trawling through any photo’s I have to use in the card, most it seems taken at Christmas Parties over the years. It looks as if we are always eating.
Watch this space who knows what we will think off to do, might not be another sky dive but I’m sure there must be other things we could do.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

High Jacked by Parky

Back home after a very good holiday.
Parky has been around a bit since my return it sure is a case of “GET IT ON TIME”. I really know if I have gone over my pill popping time.
On the way back from the airport we called into a shopping centre, number two daughter and her 3 as they were in one of the shops paying I went to another to look at some shoes. I started to get stiff as I was trying on a pair and my hands didn’t seem to be working properly, so when my eldest granddaughter came to find me I was so relieved. I just passed her my bag and got her to sort everything out for me. (You are a star H thank you so much).
I think that not only my body goes stiff but so does my brain, perhaps that’s when I find it difficult to make a decision or find the words that I know are in my brain somewhere. It’s as if I am looking at a blank space.
I don’t know if I expect too much of myself but I still find it difficult to accept how out of control I feel when Parky has high jacked me. He gives no warning or is it that I haven’t taken heed of him?
Yesterday I was a little late with my lunch time pills felt not to bad so went to the supermarket how can you open one of those flimsy plastic bag then manoeuvre a loaf into it when you’re starting to stiffen. Easy, admit you have Parkinson’s to an assistant and let them do it for you.
Am I at last learning??????????????????