Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Fish and Chips

Had to do it, had to have something English and no chopsticks.
We have had some excellent food but somehow waiting for the food to be spun round on the lazy suzy can begin to get to you.
Especially when every thing seems to be put on on the opposite side of the table to you.
I have had a go at chopsticks but I don't think Parky was at home with it. There were defiantly a few moments when he showed his hand.
Not quite home yet, I am staying close to the airport, sat in the restaurant listening to Elton John.
Can't wait to load my photos
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Going Home

We are sitting in the hotel lounge ready to go home, every one aware of the long flight ahead and wishing that we could be transported direct to our homes.
It has been the trip of a life time, so many sights and the friendliest people. We have been treated like an oddity with lots of giggles and people getting close enough to have there photo taken with us. Of course we loved it and posed when ever we could. I wonder how many Chinese albums have been ruined with my photo
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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Nearly Over

I am sat in my hotel room in Beijing. This is my last night in China and I have enjoyed every thing we have done.
We had a bit of a hick up when leaving Beijing to join the cruise, the weather changed and it seemed that we were going to be stuck at the airport as every thing came to a holt as it thundered and lightened.
We had already had our flight changed because of the weather, so I think we were expecting the worst.
We were loaded on to the plane and there we stayed for the next five and a half hours.
My seat was very close to the toilet so every one in the world came past me.
Things got a bit excited from time to time and some passengers elected to leave the plane of course this didn't help as cases had to be unloaded which meant more people got irate.
To cut a long story short we finally flew, got to the boat a day late.

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Thursday, 23 June 2011

River Cruise - Here I come....

Today we are having an unexpected break. The flight that we should have taken has been cancelled so we fly later today to go on the cruise.
This morning the group splits in two, one lot heading home and the second has lots more travelling to do (that's me yippee)
My group should have been away from the hotel at something like 4 o clock this morning much to the delight of the other group.
Instead it was us that waved them off, shame
So I will be able to recharge my batteries and keep Parky out of sight.
Do you think I could pack him in some one else's case, now that's a thought.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Terra-Cotta Army

This is why I came, row upon row of Warriors with faces that could be seen in the streets today. I felt quite a lump in my throat as I realised I had made it. All my wishes have come true, well maybe not all but enough to keep me going for several months. I have bought the book and had the farmer who helped to find them put his mark inside. No photos of him not allowed but lots and lots of everything else. Moveing on again tonight meal and show tonight
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Sunday, 19 June 2011

From China with Parky

I am now taking a Parky rest as he got his own back yesterday for my lack of consideration.
After seeing several Palaces walking a very small part of the great wall and getting a tee-shirt.
All this on top of several early morning and all day outings Parky said stop, and stop I have done.
This afternoon I go for a massage, so that should recharge my batteries.
The trip is wonderful probably the best holiday ever, and I am even managing Chop sticks how cool is that!!

Monday, 13 June 2011

One Day untill China

Well as the song goes” I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it”
I’m going to China, sorry those words are not on the record.
I have been practicing with my SUPER DOOPER CAMERA. It truly is an amazing bit of kit, it has a 24x optical zoom, and so long as Parkie stays off my shoulder I should be able to take some fantastic pictures.
I have had to buy a new handbag today, one that is big enough to take the camera and all the c—p that I need, the odd pill or two, and a drink to take them with.
I have spilled drinks in several handbags in the past, so I have one that will have the camera separate from any drinks.
I got up and packed this morning just one day to go, I am trying to be frugal as I am travelling down to Heathrow by train.
I did have a lift but by booking in advance with my senior rail card it was £17 each way. Then I was sent an email to ask if I wanted to upgrade to first class for ten pounds, that’s on the main line train I of course said yes.
So it’s now time to check what’s left to do, I think I had better mow the lawns and take my tomato plant to my neighbours for its holiday.
But top of list must get some Chocolate to keep me going while on the train.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I Came Home to Parkie

I have been away at a holiday camp and had a great time good company, lots of laughs and plenty of dancing. I had a ball.
I really didn’t care who was on the floor dancing as long as it was me. I was last to leave and that was four nights in a row.
I also went swimming played putting and bowled. I had such a good time that I forgot about Parkie, so when I got home he really made me pay.
I have been robotic ever since, that feeling of a band around my neck and my hands belonging to the person over the road. Thankfully it seems to be sorting itself out I am resting as this time next week I shall be on my way to China.
I am trying very hard to be good as I don’t want to jeopardise my long awaited trip. I am so looking forward to all the sights.
I have been practicing with my new camera its fantastic. Though I had a bit of a hick up when taking a photo of a very old car with a very elderly couple who had just got married, I have a wonderful picture of my lens cover. MUST REMEMBER TO REMOVE IT.
I have tried to guess what to wear I expect that whatever I take I will be wishing I had something with me that is still hanging up in the wardrobe, but hay what does it matter, all I hope is that Parkie keeps his nose out of things.
I am getting so excited I shall be counting down the days, only 7 to go.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Drs Get Rid of Me

I have been with my Drs for well over 20 years and have seen one Dr. for most of the time I have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He has been a constant rock for me, I was a bit shaken when I last visited him to find out that he was a few days off retiring. He was good enough to tell me who of the remaining Drs would be the best to see as mine was an ongoing illness.
I was there for absolutely thrown when I had a letter from Lincolnshire Teaching Primary Care Trust and I will quote:-
We are writing to inform you that the practice with whom you are registered with has reviewed their patient list and have advised us that your address is outside of the practice area. This could cause problems for convenient access to the surgery and home visits should they be required. You should seek acceptance by another GP in your area of residence as soon as possible.Your current GP is no longer obliged to visit and treat you unless you have obtained their prior agreement, unless treatment is due to an accident or emergency.
The rest of the letter informs me how to register with another Dr.
I must stress that a lot of Patients have been affected by this, but it has all been done in a very cold and underhand way.
I don’t understand why the letter was not sent out by the Drs themselves especially as the letter sent to me had the wrong initial on it.
I now have to start with not only a new Doctor but also I have to deal with a totally new way of getting my Medication, a new chemist to dispense it. This is also at a time when I am about to try and come off or at least reduce my requip.
So as I have said on many occasions BUM BUM BUM