Wednesday, 28 September 2011

My Update

I have been getting rid of emails, I don’t know why I leave them to accumulate and then see I have quite a lot. I dare not get rid on block as I can’t remember if I have read them properly or looked and decided that I will look at them later.
I have found one that asks me why I think I need to reduce my requip, so very sorry but I haven’t got the hang of replying, via the blog.
I think this will end up as an update blog.
First I think the cutting down of the requip is something I should have thought about earlier, I am much more alert and have had comments to that affect. Parky only appears when I am getting ready for the next pill, so that makes sure I don’t forget.
The second thing is that my cold seems to have gone thank goodness, must have been the hot chocolate with whiskey. Much better than cough medicine, plus I really have no idea what I can take with the rest of my pills.
Then of course I am making a lot of use of the hot tub, its pure heaven. I don’t know if I like it best first thing in a morning when I roll out of bed as stiff as a board, and I mean roll, it’s a good job I’m by myself as the grunting and groaning goes on for a while, or last thing at night when I am laid in it looking at the stars and feeling warm and relaxed. That takes a lot of beating.
This coming Sunday I am going to Ireland for a few days with our local holiday club, just what I need a 5 am start to the day. I don’t think I ever know when to pill pop on a day like that. Fortunately the lady that runs it lives three doors away and the coach picks up at her door, how’s that for convenience? I am thinking of turning up with a blanket, eye pads, ear plugs, and a teddy bear.
But before that is my self-help meeting, after having my hair cut, followed by and of all things my boobs are to be squashed as I have a mammogram on Saturday.
Just thought I would let you know as of today my money is still in cyberspace, well what did I expect? Did I really think the good old credit card company could move money from one account to another instantly?  It’s just you and I can do that when internet banking. Gosh I must be very thick.


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Money in Cyberspace

I know this is totally my fault but I just can't get my head round it.
My credit card was with my bank, as I had been with them a long time I thought I would look for a better deal. So after trying a couple of different ones over a stretch of time and finding them wanting, I decided it would be better the devil you know.
So with my trip to China in mind I went into the bank, applied and was given a new account. The thing is silly me I did not realise that the old one was still open, and as I had destroyed the old card I never gave it a thought.
As I do my banking on line I merrily went along as usual paying chunks off here and there as I thought about it.
Next thing I have a letter telling me they are charging me for late payment, well I was a bit grumpy as I always pay a lot more than is due and as it's interest free at the moment I was kicking myself. Then I get another letter telling me that as I had made no payment this month my card must not be used and I was being charged again. To say steam was coming out of my ears was a slight understatement.
So armed with a printout of my payments I rang the credit card section of the bank, as I am explaining in great detail how I intend to take my custom elsewhere I realise that the transactions that are missing are because I have paid them into the wrong card account. IDIOT.
After several phone calls and a bit of Parky time the money was located and needs to be moved from one to the other.
Now when I press a button on my key board I can transfer money from one of my accounts to another instantly, so how come a bank has to take days to do the same thing and they have to be working days.
Is there a place in cyberspace that looks at the calender and says YIPPI ITS A NON WORKING DAY THE MONEY IS MINE?????????????????????????????

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Not Parkys Fault

I am feeling yucky, but for once I can't blame Parky.
I have no. 1 daughter staying, so no 2 daughter and 3 grandchildren came to visit.
No 2 brought with her her own friend, a cold.
Last night both no 1 and myself were competing for who felt the worse, I am sure it was a no contest as I defiantly out coughed her. She as usual beat me on the sneezing.
Today has been spent sleeping, well that is by me, and I have just had to take a dose of the tried and tested cold relief a shot of whisky. Well I did put it in a mug of hot chocolate, bet that has surprised every one.
I am wondering about going in the hot tub, or failing that may just go to sleep again.
Decisions, decisions.
I don't think I have a decision left in me. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
The next Parkinson's meeting is I think on a roll, who ever I talk to thinks a self help afternoon is a great idea.
It looks like most people will come laden down with either ideas or gadgets, so fingers crossed we can fit it all in.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Self Help

I seem to be managing alight with taking less requip, I am not saying every one should do it as we all know Parkinsons treats us all very differently.
My fear of Parky taking over my life again has as fare as I can tell not happened.
In fact today I have been on a shopping trip with daughter no 1 and have come back with very little,
excellent for me.
Two nights ago I was in bed and asleep before ten and that was at night.
On the other hand I seem to be less inclined to fall asleep at inappropriate moments. There have been times when I have been having a conversation with someone and I have been fighting to keep my eyes open. I have had some very strange looks, I didn't really find them boring honest.
I am in charge of our next Parkinson's meeting, I have put forward the idea of a self help afternoon.
Anyone who wants to bring anything with them that they think might possibly be of help to others, or any information either to help or wanted.
I am sure that in our small group there is a mind of very useful information, failing that an afternoon of some wacky ideas.
Perhaps I will tell every one to BLOGG.
Who knows Me and My Mate Parky may end up with competition from our own group.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Less Stress

I don't know if it is wishful thinking but since I have cut down on my Requip, I feel much more alert and have been told I sound it.
I have been doing more housework which is a bonus, I don't know if it the relief that Parky has not come rushing back, or that I was probably on a higher dose than I needed.
The dosage was set when I was trying to cope with a lot of stress, as that has altered could it be that I didn't need the amount I was on.
I am now the owner of a hot tub and go in several times a day, I don't always have the jets going, in fact I like it best when just laying back in the peace and quiet.
I have gone down the no chemical rout and it seems that I have seaweed to thank for that, still what the heck its better than chlorine.
So perhaps the tub is my stress beater, that is until I get the electricity bill.
If things stay as good as I feel at the moment, I may just stay at this level for the time being.
I may even try Face Book again so that I can catch up with friends. I don't have to play games do I?

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Double Fire

I have been thinking of the last few blogs and wondered when my blogging changed from being light hearted to being just a bit of a moan.
So from here on I have decided to find the me that goes with my birth sign.
According, to my star sign I am a fun loving party person, now all I need is a party. I am also a traveller well that’s fine with me.
In China I am a Pig this I was told was a very lucky sign, one of our guides told me she had purposely planned her daughter to be born in the year of the pig.
I was a bit sceptical when told how lucky I was. Having Parky didn't feel very lucky to me, but it seems that as a pig people will come to my aid.
I know I try to fight off any one who dares to suggest I could do with some help, well I think I had better give in with a bit of grace and admit that it's not my fault or even to be fair Parkys fault.
This Sagittarius Pig had better be a bit more gracious and say thank you, instead of giving potential helpers the evil eye.
I have just checked that what I am saying is correct so have fed into the computer Chinese pig and found out that the year I was born makes me a fire pig, well that makes me a double fire sign, how cool is that. ( not cool at all but extremely HOT HOT HOT)

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Letter to my MP

I am sending this letter to my MP, I don't know if it will do any good.
After long talks with our local PCT about a Parkinson's Nurse it seems talks have come to nothing.
I was so upset that I composed this letter as soon as I read the email that gave us the bad news.

So this is my letter

I am asking for your Help
Imagine at 53 years of age you loose your husband to Cancer, You have nursed him for the last few years and without the help of the MacMillan nurse you would have found it all too much to cope with.
While you are coping with this you realise that you have problems of your own, but it is all too much to bare.
After his death you seek help only to find out you have been rewarded with a condition called Parkinson’s Disease.
You eventually get to see a neurologist and start to take medication, the side effects make you feel sick and you spend your time travelling around in your job with a packet of ginger biscuits permanently on the passenger seat of your car.
You are finding day to day tasks very difficult but what can you do you have to pay your bills.
Then into your life comes the help of a Parkinson’s Nurse She is only a phone call away, you build up a relationship and she has the knowledge to help.
Then she retires. Good for her devastating for you.
Her replacement doesn’t cover your area and you are left in limbo.
When you have Parkinson’s your whole life revolves around medication, when things go wrong with it all you can hope for is someone with the knowledge to help you.
I feel totally abandoned, the medication I am on is causing me to have addictions, the Neurologist I see agrees with me so I am trying to cut down what I take.
I am shit scared of going into hospital as I know of people who have not been given their drugs.
Then guess what the condition is made worse when you are stressed.
What has made this so distressing is the fact that Parkinson’s UK has had endless discussions with our local PCT and although the money has been offered to fund a nurse it has come to nothing.

So we will see, if any one who reads this is in the wilds of Licolnshire and feels like I do, please send your own letter to your MP