Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Fight is on Again

It has been pointed out to me that I haven’t written my blog for a while so this one will have to be a bit of catching up.
I have had a week away on the Isle of Wight and managed not to disgrace myself like the last time I was there (read my 999 blog 19/4/2013).
The thing I managed to do this time was to forget one of my tablets. I had put all of them into one of those seven day dispensers so that I knew I had extras in case of an emergency. I went to get the first mornings but realized I had completely missed out one that I take twice a day and it was the same in all the boxes what an Idiot. I really dreaded admitting to my friends what I had done but to be fair they didn't make a fuss but I suspect that they also thought I was perhaps more than an idiot. That meant instead of a trip out I was chasing around to get my prescription sorted, I was a bit worried that it would be impossible for me to get them at such short notice. Thanks again to the lovely people who live on the Island I was once again sorted out.
The week before I had been asked to give a talk on Parkinson’s to the local Hospital Watch and me being me jumped in head first, the fact that it was for the same night was a little off putting so I phoned a friend. Her husband has PD and between us we help run the local support group. When she asked if I needed help I said YES. We made a remarkable team; she started by explaining what PD was, facts and figures and that sort of technical stuff. Then I explained what my life was like living with Parkinson’s, I started to stiffen up a bit which I think brought it home to everyone how difficult things can get. I had made a list which I nearly stuck to so I was very pleased that I had managed. Then it was back to my friend who explained about our lack of a Parkinson’s nurse in the area and the general feeling of being abandoned.
We were asked lots of questions which was very encouraging it meant we hadn't put everyone to sleep. We came away on a high as we felt that we may have managed to reach the right people to get the ball rolling once again in a fight to get our nurse.

So now the fight is on we need a PD Nurse.