Sunday, 30 December 2012

Read This Parkie Book

I have just finished reading Shake Well Before Use a book written by Tom Isaacs. Tom walked the coastline of Britain with and for Parkinson’s.
I am totally in awe of his achievement he not only walked 4,500 miles climbed 3 mountains came to the end and followed that with the London marathon, he also wrote the most riveting book I have read for a while.
He captures the ups and downs of Parkinson’s, the need for medication and what happens when it times out. The people he met and the places he visited come alive; I especially enjoyed the bit about Eric the pheasant.
Lincolnshire where I live got the thumbs up as a friendly place so that endeared him to me, I’m just sorry that in 2002 when he would have walked through my village I was unaware off it.
He has raised huge amounts of money for research and is convinced there will be a cure, who knows I may be saying goodbye to My Mate Parky in the not too distant future. Thanks Tom

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

When I'm 65

Tomorrow I reach the grand age of 65and realize that for the last ten years or more I have had the constant companionship of My Mate Parky.
When he came into my life I never thought that he would try to completely take over, he was rather sneaky like a dominant friend. I have had times when he had the upper hand but I have also had times when I came out fighting and won a round, boy does that feel good.
Where did he come from and why was I singled out, there are a lot more facts coming to light which may in turn help us to evict Parky.
1.       Is there a link between Redheads and Parkinson’s (I was born a redhead)
2.       Is there a link between Allergies and Parkinson’s ( I am allergic to plasters penicillin pears soap insect bights and leylandi tree sap)
3.       Is there a link between aerial crop spraying and Parkinson’s (I have had them fly over the place I used to live and seen the spray drift down)
4.       Is there a link between Stress and Parkinson’s ( that I have had by the bucket load)
With this and other theories being talked about at the moment I would think there is going to be many more people who will encounter their own version of my mate Parky.
I also think this is an exciting time to see how the various researches are progressing, who knows before I get to another mile stone the reason I have Parkinson’s maybe found and perhaps there is an outside chance of a cure.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

It's Getting Closer

I have spent the earlier part of the week hibernating, it seemed the only thing to do with a cold. When I wasn’t in bed I was curled up on the settee feeling miserable, I must be feeling a bit more with it as I am now looking round and telling myself to get into the Christmas mood.
The cough is still with me, I am coughing now but you will of course be saved the sight and sound of that, not a pretty sight.
I went to see my G.P. yesterday as he now has the letter from the consultant, only taken a couple of months so while I was there I told him about my cold which thanks to my dad goes straight to my sinuses. I never know if I can take other meds with the Parky ones. He has given me paracetamol so nice to know what to take on the odd times I want it.
We are having our Parkinson’s Christmas Dinner Monday lunch time so have been helping to sort it out, went and bought 29 chocolate oranges for table gifts, that reminds me they are still in the boot of my car hope they haven’t frozen. It won’t bother me I keep my chocolate in the fridge anyway, but I don’t think I can eat all 29.
Monday Night I go to see Ged Roberts in Sleaford again I do hope the weather stays Ok as my friend and I will be driving there and back at night. Number one daughter wanted to know if I have become a groupie, do you get 65year old groupies.
Well I’m still 64 until next Wednesday so it really is splitting hairs; it will also mean that my big brother who’s all of fifteen mins older than me can retire. He will be around so if he’s a bit board I may help him out I have loads of little jobs that I struggle with.
I think it maybe a case of Parky needs you big brother.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Parky's Cold

Parky wants to head back to the sunshine, I do love to see the snow but us Parkies hate to be cold. I have started getting white finger tips, I wonder is that just me getting older or is it the PILLS.
Travelling back from Spain was a bit telling; don’t think I cope with it very well. I was very fortunate to have the help of no 1 daughter and her in-laws.
First the aircraft has one of those policies about the size of hand luggage, so everyone has a bag the maximum size that they carry on and I mean everyone. Then they panic and decide there won’t be room for them all and insist that some are taken in to the hold mine being one of them. You can just picture how Parky took that, I went so stiff trying to get my pills out of the bag before it went, I think I also started to shake a bit which is not like me.
On reaching the UK I went to the ladies and found my hands did not want to work I had difficulty getting my pants back up and was ages trying to fasten trousers. I told no1 daughter when I finally got back to our group and she made me respectable. She admitted that she was worried that was happening but didn’t know if I would be amenable to help.
I must be a nightmare for my family and friends as they watch me struggle and know that I can get very shall we say tetchy with anyone who rushes to my aide.
I really will have to change my attitude or else I am going to be stranded in loos.
Well I am back now in the cold, washing to be done, Christmas lights to be found, Christmas cards to sort out. I am not sure if I am going to send any, cards are quite reasonable but the stamps are a bit over the top.
So if you don’t get a card from me I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Parky in Spain

For the last week I have been enjoying the sunshine in Spain and I am sure my mate Parky copes better the warmer it is.
He has only made himself known when I've been daft enough to think I can get away with that extra glass of wine.
I know all my pills say not to be taken with alcohol but sometimes you have to test the water so to speak.
The. Locals have winter clothes on while we are in sandals, so have been getting some very strange looks. Bought a couple of things so I'm hoping that I can get everything in my case I will have to wear several layers on the way home.
So Monday it's back to cold old UK.

Monday, 19 November 2012

It's Not Christmas Yet

Is it my imagination or has Christmas been moved, every year we seem to be urged to get into the spirit of buying and preparing earlier and earlier.
I have volunteered to cook for my Mum Brother and friend, so have joined the world of Christmas planning. Do we have a bird where shall we buy it, what time should we eat. Can we manage to nip to the pub for a festive drink without burning the food? These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to organizing the day.
The other thing that comes to mind is please let Parky behave, since reducing my Requip and going on to more Stalevo I have found that any longer than four hours between pills is a bit of a no no. I become very stiff and enter what I call my robotic state. I have also found my hands don’t behave themselves; I was a bit late going to bed the other night and found I was struggling to get my boots off then I had a problem with my trouser button, after that I had a fight with my jumper it was reluctant to let me out. I was very close to getting in bed fully clothed but gave myself a good talking too, but it sure was a close thing.
It’s times like that when I have to admit even to myself that I have this thing called Parkinson’s. I may fight it but it tends to sneak in when you are least expecting it and is a pain in the bum.
I will not let it stop me from doing what I want to do, it may slow me down but no way will I come to a halt.
This coming week I am having a revamp, teeth sorted, (that’s the scariest part) new glasses, nails shellacked, and a haircut.  Wow no one will know me. Oh yes and I also have a Drs Appointment. I am hoping that he has the letter from my neurologist to explain my pill regime as I don’t think my memory was in top gear that day.