Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Enjoyable Day

After arranging to meet up with another group so that I didn’t have to drive to the Parkinson’s meeting in Nottingham I overslept.
Typical I had all my gear ready so that I would not be throwing cloths all over the bedroom first thing in the morning. Pills packed an extra days supply in case of emergency.
I woke to see the time was twenty past seven, bum bum bum, think those are the words I used. 
That was it. I wanted to meet Wobbly William; I knew he was to give a talk about his life since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He does a blog and much much more. I wanted to thank him in person for promoting My Mate Parky.
I am delighted to say I drove myself there and with the help of Billy Connelly on my Tom-tom I made it without a hitch. Billy never tells me off just reminds me it is best if I turn the whole car round and not just myself. He is inclined to brag that without his help I would have been hopelessly lost, well I can live with that as he may be right. The new bits of road give him a bit of a challenge as it looks as if I am taking up a bit of off roading, he goes a bit quiet as arrows go all over the place.
The meeting went really well and it’s great to talk with other Parky People, I very much enjoyed Wobbly Williams talk he is so positive.
I liked the fact that he believes that exercise helps him and has become something of a running freak, he leads by example and that means marathons, think I will stick to dancing for my exercise.
I am worn out just thinking about it. Must get back to my Wii I have a Zumba program that I am keen to try. I have only had it a couple of months so you can see my enthusiasm.
I did need those spare pills; my eyes started to go a bit so I descended on my good friends and spent the night with them, so an enjoyable day was followed by an enjoyable evening.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Great Night of 60's

Last night I went to the Embassy theatre in Skegness with my friend who is ten years younger than me. I have only mentioned the age difference now as usually we don’t notice it.
I had rung her to see if she fancied going to see a sixties show after spotting it in our local paper, she is like me in the fact that given a chance we will go to the opening of an envelope if it means a good night out.
It was none stop nostalgia, well for me anyway. As I sang along to the songs of my youth I looked at her and saw the blank look on her face.
Not that she didn’t like it, only that she didn’t know a lot of the songs and I think was amazed at the fact I could remember the words.
How come that I can sing along to some long ago songs but have no idea where I have put everyday things around the house?
I must walk miles each day looking for something I have had in my hands just a few moments ago; I know I am not the only one. In fact it is quite reassuring that the same friend has just as much trouble as me. Mind you she attributes this to the fact she spends a lot of her time in my company.
I think a lot of the songs from that time are tied up with memories, when Union Gap came on and ended up with Young Girl I was transported back to the time I was courting my first husband. I don’t know if that is good or bad, he is the father of my two lovely daughters so I will thank him for that.
It was a great night with a great audience who were determined to sing along and enjoy themselves. But and it is a big but, couldn’t all those guys who have to spend half the night going to the loo sit by the door, or maybe the theatre needs a prostate corner.
When one person after another walks past the stage you start to get a bit distracted, in fact I was amazed that none of the acts commented. Maybe because it is part of old age and a lot of the artists are around the same age and understand.   

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Help he is back

Well I came face to face with Ratty last night. He was coming out of the bathroom, I screamed he went back and I shut myself in the little bedroom I use as an office.
I know I should have shut the bathroom door on him but it never crossed my mind.
It's no good every one telling me that he was more afraid of me than I was of him, because that is just not possible.
Parky hates him too, he resorted to making me so stiff that I even ended up shaking.
I felt very guilty as I rang a friend and got him out of bed, when he got here I was outside ready, he asked if I wanted him to stay I said no could he fetch the spare duvet as I was sleeping on his settee.
Today I have restricted myself to the conservatory and kitchen as the rest of the bungalow could be home to Ratty
Tomorrow the rat man cometh yippi

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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Olympic Flame

Today in the local paper we have been informed that the Olympic flame is not only coming to Lincolnshire, but would you believe it through the village where I live, how exciting.
I will have to eat my hat or go to the foot of our stairs, as I have been a bit cynical. When it was reported that the flame would come within ten miles of something like 95% of us, I was sure we would be the 5%.
I am delighted to be proved wrong; it only shows what a pessimist I have been.
Skegness which is down the road from me is quite famous as a seaside resort, but no one can say it is easy to get here. We are perched on the edge of the map, not quite falling off it, but the train stops here as it is the end of the line.
My eldest daughter put me forward to carry the Olympic Flame; I know there is only a small chance that I will get picked but it would be great to represent people with Parkinson’s and definitely  one in the eye for Parky.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A Cat on The Mat

Monday evening I play Bingo at a village hall, the pace is slow enough for me to follow and I even managed to win twice. I full house a large tin of biscuits and a line some cheese biscuits. They are stored away nice and safe as the last ones I won Ratty ate.
As I drove up to my bungalow I realised there was something in the porch, I could make out a cat curled up on the door mat. I expected him to vanish once I had parked the car and walked to the front door.  But no there he was a rather large ginger tom, he got up and greeted me in the usual cat fashion, purring and wrapping himself around my legs. I opened the front door and in he went, every room was inspected and then off he went.
Now had he heard about Ratty or is it the reincarnation of someone who is looking after me, as what I really wanted most in the entire world was a reassurance that Ratty had gone.
I think by his calm inspection of every room has called an end of my Ratty saga.