Friday, 29 November 2013

Christmas Dinners

First Christmas Dinner eaten, local Parkinson’s support group Christmas dinner planned. I guess it must be getting close to December the 25th.
With nearly a month to the big day it feels like it’s a lot closer. I have been trying to make my Christmas cards, but will I be able to afford the stamps. Please no one send me one of those larger ones as last year the post office must have made a bob or two out of my Aunty as she didn’t realise that her card needed higher value stamps on. The post office then charged the people who received them the extra plus £1 not a bad way to earn an extra crust.
Today we had the last Parkinson’s meeting of 2013 where did that year go? Lots of new people we are getting a really nice mix. We had two ladies who gave us massages, I was lucky enough to have an Indian head massage. I ended up looking like a scarecrow but it was well worth it.

While this was going on we had games and it seems that my shut the box was a great hit, I also bought a new game called Qwirkle I don’t think anyone managed to suss it out so will have to play it with the grandchildren before it shows its face at another meeting. 
Next month we have the Christmas Dinner to end the year. I have taken charge of it for several years now and quite enjoy doing it; we are up to 32 at the moment so a good turnout.
I well overslept this morning so it was panic stations to get my pills and move myself. I just about got myself in gear for the meeting. I have an uneasy feeling that my tablets are getting a bit of an issue. I am going to bed later and later in fact two nights in a row I had very little sleep. I have started to rock which I suspect is not the best of signs.
So from this bog eyed scarecrow good night. 

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Parky has Won, (BUM)

Last night I tried scuba diving at our local swimming pool, it was one of those things that I have had a bit of a yen to do.
When the opportunity arrived I jumped at it, so there I was in swimming costume with my walk the wall t-shirt on that I had bought in China raring to go. The t-shirt is so that the straps of the diving gear don’t dig in.
It took a while to get all the gear on, getting all the straps tight, I was so looking forward to getting under the water and having a go.
But  BUM BUM BUM Parky decided to restrict my leg movements. There was no way that I could move my legs up and down in the water; it was like I had heavy weights on them. When I tried to concentrate on my legs I found I was starting to get upset, the same feeling I get when I try to dance and find my feet won’t go in time to the music.
I have come to the conclusion that having Parkinson’s stops me from multitasking I have to concentrate on one thing at a time, hence using the air tank and trying to get my legs going was just an invitation for Parky to show up.
I am gutted; it had never even crossed my mind that I would not be able to do the basic bit of just moving through the water.

So this time Parky you have won, and that sure is a hard thing to admit.  

Monday, 4 November 2013

Rest in Peace

Yesterday was the funeral of my Mum, as she was the last of her generation I did wonder if the extended family of cousins will get together again. We all realised that the only time we see each other is at hatch match and dispatch, as there are very few Christening and Marriages these days it just leaves the funeral.
I started this several days ago and have found it difficult to know what to say, she was 90 and repeatedly told us she was ready to go.
Then today I had a phone call from a school friend’s husband to say she had died from cancer, life is such a bitch suddenly you realise that the time we have is precious and every one of us should live life to the full.
So many people spend their time bitching and complaining that they can’t see the Roses let alone smell them.
Tonight I will spend a bit of time thinking of my Mum and my friend; I have so many memories of them, which in turn keeps them alive.
All I have left to say is Rest in Peace, you both deserve that.