Wednesday, 25 April 2012

No Swearing

Now I have had time to reflect on my going back to Requip I find myself slightly torn. I know I am doing more and the stiffness I was getting has thankfully been a thing of the past.
I am most of the time more alert; I am also finding that I can manage with one less Stalevo which I had been taking four times a day. It is only on long days like when I want to party that I take the fourth.
So why the hesitation? 
I have to admit that on a couple of nights I haven’t gone to bed at all, I know its blooming crazy I even tell myself to go to bed but I have a habit of ignoring myself.
Sorry T but I have also done a bit of gambling, I also know that by admitting this in my blog that I will have the full force of daughter number one down on me.
Why can’t I be more sensible?
Do I have to make the choice between being active and broke or having a bob or two and not being able to get around?
If anyone is doing trials and wants a volunteer put me down for it, I want to get to grips with what’s happening to me is that too much to ask?
I have said all along that things could be worse I could be diabetic and not be able to have my chocolate fix. I have nearly finished the huge bar that my youngest brought back from New York for me, thank you K.
I think it is time I found other things to do with my life instead of sitting here all the time, force myself to turn my computer off, can I reach for the off button. Better finish this first, then perhaps HOUSEWORK.
You see I have now resorted to swearing, I will be talking about ironing next or even heaven forbid cleaning windows. Just off to wash my mouth out with soapy water.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Black Tie Bit of a Do

At the moment I am sat at my computer with a towel round me wondering how soon to get myself glammed up.
I am also eating a jacket potato as it has not long dawned on me that I haven’t had anything to eat today, well perhaps the odd square of chocolate has passed my lips.
My friend and I have tickets for the fire brigades money raising bit of a do, it’s a black tie evening so we thought it would give us the opportunity to get dressed up.
I do like to get into something a bit special once in a while, makes it something out of the ordinary. Let’s hope there will be a bit of dancing, and you never know a nice fireman to dance with, well I can dream can’t I.
So let’s hope that my Mate Parky can resist the temptation to come with me, what’s the chance of me sneaking out without him?
Well that’s it time to find my war paint, and those nicks that hold everything in, I will leave the breathing until I get home so PARTY TIME.

Thursday, 19 April 2012


Having a very lazy morning, chilling out watching telly in bed the place looking like it has been burgled and you guessed it I get a visitor.
I have been brought a small snippet from a newspaper about a company called OXFORD BIOMEDICA it seems there shares have gone up by 41 per cent to £5.80 on signs its PROSAVIN drug was moving closer to the Market.
The company founded by two Oxford University professors’ hopes to have found a treatment for Parkinson’s. It seems they have successfully completed clinical trials.
Then in the post is a letter from Parkinson’s UK, giving me a breakthrough report about a gene. The gene in question has the tittle LRRK2 and there is a nice 3D computer image of it.
So does this mean at a later date I could walk away from My Mate Parky, I have got used to him around and in fact I am inclined to blame him for everything. But yes given the chance I would ditch him at a moment’s notice.
I don’t want his interference in my life, I would like to do what I want when I want, and dam him I want to be me again, not the result of my medication. I want to live without the fear of being deprived of meds to the extent that I would not function.
But hay how until that happens everything is all Parky’s fault. In the words of my eldest daughter when she was small, I promise you it wasn’t me I didn’t do it, it was him. Whatever it is.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Dead Computer

My computer won’t turn on it’s as dead as a DODO, I keep wondering into my little bedroom that I use as an office and there it is, very sad.
I have had to do housework which for me is something I only do when needed. I don’t think the place looks any better, just have my piles of things in totally different places that will be good when I have misplaced something very important.
I realise that I have several piles of paperwork, mine to be sorted and filed away. Mums for my daughter to sort out when she gets home, family tree stuff and finally Parkinson’s paperwork from our local support group.
Now as I am not red hot at looking after my own stuff it will take a miracle to sort out all the piles, not only that there are things that don’t want to go into any of my four piles and I am reluctant to start another one.
My late husband used to say that when I tidied up all I did was make a couple of extra piles, well I’m trying Jim honest.
It would have been his birthday on the 9th I can’t believe I have been without him for nearly eleven years.
I have a photo on the side of Jim and my Dad; it’s a really good one of them both, well its gone skew whiff in the frame. Spooky or what ???????????????
Back to the subject I started with, my sick computer. For once in my life I have taken out one of those service plans so fingers crossed a man who can will come and mend it tomorrow.
That’s what started the cleaning, I had to make sure the poor person who has to go into my office doesn’t get lost and not be able to find their way out. Maybe I have that wrong it would be good to have an engineer trapped, just look at all the things I could get mended.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Back to Requip

I can’t believe how much better I feel and obviously look from the comments I have been getting.
I had started to worry that I was going downhill but it looks like the different brand of drugs that the chemist had given me was the culprit.
A while ago I had to change doctors and because of location it seemed easier to change chemist, when I was given a different brand of my slow release morning pills I didn’t think much about it. Daft as it may seem I never queried it, I found it a bit disconcerting that the tablets themselves had nothing on them to mark what strength they are only the fact that different strength were slightly different colours. As I take an assortment to get the right strength this can be a bit off putting.
Last month I went to collect my prescription and on returning home found I had two boxes of one strength and none of one of the others, this meant a journey back to exchange. I was given no apology, I asked for my repeat back which made them aware that I wasn’t very happy.
This month I have found a new chemist and asked if I can go back to my Requip, well I may have called it in the past and I am still hoping to reduce it in the future, but boy I am happy to be back. So perhaps it was fortuitous that the pharmacist plus his checker made such a mess.
I am so paranoid about my drugs since one of our local chemists gave me a blood pressure pill instead of the anti-sickness one I was on at the time, I was on two three times a day, what would have happened if I had not noticed the pills had the days of the week on them. It still makes me shudder to think about it.  
I do think a tighter watch should be taken as I have seen different brands being put together in one prescription. I was on the homecare for sixteen years and have seen how confusing it is for not only the elderly but those with poor eyesight.
Well that’s my moaning done I promise my next blog will be the old me, the one that is the life and sole of the party, the one who likes to laugh at everything that’s thrown at her. But boy sometimes it’s hard to find her.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Thank you Parky

Today I had a couple of my Jabs for Peru, in fact one in each arm, and you know what I am feeling fine.
I have been given conflicting information about what I need so I am going for everything to make sure I won’t be turned away from any of the places I want to visit.
I have been on the Just You web site to see what previous travelers have to say, information straight from the horse’s mouth.
My friend has two pairs of my trousers to shorten ready for the trip they are ones that are supposed to ward off insects, I will let you know how I fare when I get back, and the Parkinson nurse I spoke to at Parkinson’s UK told me she swore by Garlic.
As I have already been bit twice in the last few weeks I will take all the advice that I am given. I know I used to give my dog garlic tablets to ward off flees, so if it worked for him then with a lot of luck (fingers crossed plus legs and arms) it just has to work for me.
By the time I go I will have to take a large enough case to fit all my medication in. Parky it’s your fault, without you I wouldn’t need all these potions, but then again would I be going?????????????????
Having a mate like mine has made me do things now that at one time I would have put on the back boiler for a later day. So perhaps I should thank my mate Parky for the traveling I’m doing.