Wednesday, 15 August 2012


I have had my appointment with a new for me Neurologist; you can’t believe how much my faith has been restored.
I feel like I have come out of a black hole and found my old self, the one that is going to fight tooth and nail to make Parky behave.
The dreaded Requip is in the long run to be halved, this I will do at a slow pace. I am to be good and take my Stalevo every four hours. I have even bought a watch that has five alarms on it, no excuse now as it is set up.(thank goodness for grandchildren).
My Amantadine has been doubled, so that’s two a day instead of the one that I have been on for years and years.
Then to top that up I see him again in two months, I am over the moon. Doesn’t take a lot to please me???????????????
I feel confident for the first time in ages that I have the backup that I need to cope with Parky.
Perhaps all of us who have a condition Like Parkinson’s would fare better if we had someone who could give us the gift of security.
To know that whatever we are fighting in life is not done in that Black hole of despair is all that we ask.
I asked a doctor recently if she knew anything about Parkinson’s and was given the answer off course she did. I told her that in the past I had seen doctors that had admitted that they didn’t. Her reply they should not be practicing.
When I mentioned the addiction caused by the medication, I got the impression that she didn’t believe what I was saying, so I shut up. I think I would rather have the Doctor who said to me I don’t know much about it but I’m willing to learn with you, than one that is a bit miffed because you asked the question.   

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