Monday, 5 March 2012

My Baby is 40

That sure makes me stop and wonder where life is taking me. I can’t believe I am old enough to have a daughter that has reached the grand age of 40, not only that but she has a sister older than her. I must have been a child bride.
She her Partner and her daughter have gone off to New York for a few days, leaving me in charge of the dog. He is part lab part retriever and part loopy. Well reading that I expect we make a great pair.
I have opted to stay at their house instead of taking him to mine, he is better in his own home he tends to get very stressed when anyone leaves. So to keep my sanity and his I am typing this at my daughters.
Well K you will be pleased to know I am slowly ploughing my way through the laundry, a small present on your return will be fine, and diamonds are very small.
This morning I was awoken very early in fact so early that it didn’t quite sink in, to the sound of music playing.  I believe it was the local radio station, the alarm clock is now unplugged so that it can’t happen in the morning.
Now waiting for little granddaughter who is being delivered by her other grandparents, then off to my house to check post back to pick up grandson from school deliver back to said grandparents. Out for a curry, then bingo, not forgetting the dog. How easy is being retired.

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