Thursday, 7 June 2012

To the Amazon

Parky has been very good, he has let me do and see some wonderful things. That is until this morning after taking my first anti malaria tablet last night. I was very wobbly and it didn't help that we had a buffet lunch followed by a flight back to Lima.
Half of our group fly home tomorrow and the other half including yours truly goes onto the Amazon. We can only take a rucksack with us so I have been trying to sort through what's left of my clean cloths to see what I need.
We have heard that the water levels are very high so that means wellies when we get their. I have bought a very jazzy pair of striped socks from a market stall so there is more of a chance that I will find wellies that fit.
I had better get to bed so that I am rested and ready for my eight o clock start in the morning. It will be worth it I'm sure.
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