Sunday, 2 September 2012

Back from Wales

I am home after a few pleasant days being taken up hill and down dale by a good friend who invited me to South Wales along with my camera.
Thank you R for being my chauffeur, my guide, and for trying to do the impossible task of getting me to pronounce those Welch names.
The scenery was spectacular and the people very friendly. The weather was a bit hit and miss but who’s bothered it’s only water.
The only thing was as I have been reducing my Requip I found the last couple of days I was not at my best. I know that I tend to go quiet and withdrawn but as Parky makes it difficult to do things, the concentration becomes overwhelming.
The good news is that I am now down to 10mg of Requip in a morning and have only to come down to 8. I know I time out and have to take my other pills at the proper time, so am concentrating on hearing my watch pinging at me every four hours.
I was at a house where the dog suddenly started barking he had heard the alarm before me, but boy do I know if I have gone over.
Parky puts me into robot mode, I start to stiffen. I think my neck and mouth go first, it’s as if I have had a drink too many. I am conscious that I’m slurring and I think I go a bit light headed; my limbs don’t seem to be in coordination with each other.

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