Monday, 19 November 2012

It's Not Christmas Yet

Is it my imagination or has Christmas been moved, every year we seem to be urged to get into the spirit of buying and preparing earlier and earlier.
I have volunteered to cook for my Mum Brother and friend, so have joined the world of Christmas planning. Do we have a bird where shall we buy it, what time should we eat. Can we manage to nip to the pub for a festive drink without burning the food? These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to organizing the day.
The other thing that comes to mind is please let Parky behave, since reducing my Requip and going on to more Stalevo I have found that any longer than four hours between pills is a bit of a no no. I become very stiff and enter what I call my robotic state. I have also found my hands don’t behave themselves; I was a bit late going to bed the other night and found I was struggling to get my boots off then I had a problem with my trouser button, after that I had a fight with my jumper it was reluctant to let me out. I was very close to getting in bed fully clothed but gave myself a good talking too, but it sure was a close thing.
It’s times like that when I have to admit even to myself that I have this thing called Parkinson’s. I may fight it but it tends to sneak in when you are least expecting it and is a pain in the bum.
I will not let it stop me from doing what I want to do, it may slow me down but no way will I come to a halt.
This coming week I am having a revamp, teeth sorted, (that’s the scariest part) new glasses, nails shellacked, and a haircut.  Wow no one will know me. Oh yes and I also have a Drs Appointment. I am hoping that he has the letter from my neurologist to explain my pill regime as I don’t think my memory was in top gear that day.


  1. Hi Carol, be thankful you don't live in the USA! - this Thursday is "Thanksgiving" - turkey, relatives fighting and shopping then followed by more of the same at Christmas -aren't we lucky! ...and we know it! -Brian

  2. Hi Carol,

    I linked to your blog from the PD website and read some of your first and latest entries. Thank you for your very personal account. I'm trying to gather all the information I can on this right now, as I am coming to know some people who have a "Parkie" of their own. Best of luck, and keep up the great work!