Friday, 26 October 2012

Parkinson's Get Together

Today was our once a month Parkinson’s support group meeting, I do enjoy the time we spend together. There is no one who understands a Parkie Person like another Parkie Person, we can laugh about our symptoms, chat about are medication and brag about things we have managed to accomplish.
Today our local Parkinson’s nurse came to have a chat, I say local he works from Lincoln hospital which is about 40 miles away.
Not as many members today but that didn’t stop the ones there from asking a lot of questions.
I found out why my Neurologist told me not to lose weight, it seems the new thought is that we should take into account our weight when sorting out the amount of medication that we need. I suppose its common sense when you think about it.
I have now taken the next step in reducing my Requip from today I am on 8mg in a morning that makes it 12mg lower than my highest. YES.
So long as I can do the things I want to hands wise I am happy. Just got to remember to take those pills on time which is not the easiest of things, if my watch starts beeping and I am in the middle of something I think I will just finish then get them, then it’s usually a BUM BUM BUM an hour later.  In fact it’s a good job that I put the days tablets in a pill box so that I can see if I have taken them or not.

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