Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Can you believe it nearly the end of January2013, but what a month? We have had snow some have had flooding and I have hibernated.
Parky and I have given in to the cold, no good risking getting the shakes, it’s much better to stay indoors.
I did manage to get to a family celebration for my Mum’s 90th Birthday, 19 of us at the Italian restaurant; it’s the one place you know is child friendly. There were four generations so it was really good to get us all together only number one daughter and husband missing, they are somewhere on the opposite side of the world so a bit too far to come.
Mum is stick thin but still manages a good meal she doesn’t think she has eaten if there is no dessert. I think she enjoyed herself and it was good to get photos for the family album.
Best of all I managed the entire outing without my Mate Parky,
He has been around these last few days but not enough to get a grip, if I can carry on like this I can come to terms with him. CAN I? PERHAPS NOT.
I have decided to work my way through the freezer and the cupboards till I have used up most of my stores; it makes for some interesting concoctions and at some strange times as my eating habits can be very varied.

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