Sunday, 12 May 2013

Computing For and Against

I am in my usual spot sat at my computer, I realise that I spend more time in this little space than anywhere else. Its cosy it’s absorbing and at times very rewarding.
Then on the other hand it stops me from doing other things, I walk out of here and look round at the many things I started before I just popped in to check my emails for a few minutes. I also lose all track of time, so am inclined to find I am very hungry and haven’t planned what I want to eat.
I enjoy sorting through my photographs and I have even entered some in competitions, well that’s a plus I would say.
Then I look up and see the room is full it’s like trying to fit a pint into a half pint pot, I don’t even have the consolation of saying I know where everything is because of my constant reorganizing I have no idea.
But and it is a big but does it really matter that much, I suppose the eating is something to be tackled but as for the rest I am not interfering with anyone else and besides that I have just found a half bar of chocolate in the fridge and very tasty it is too.
My no 1 daughter is home next weekend so I had better make sure she can get in, (sorry T I will try and give you a space)
Parky has been remarkably quiet recently, which is a big bonus I was beginning to think I was going backwards. I am driving again which makes it much easier for me and also my family and friends. I don’t have the same confidence that I used to have and am aware of my driving skills, if I feel I am having an off day I don’t drive.
Perhaps if everyone did the same it would reduce accidents who knows I am probably a much safer driver as I know my limitations.

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