Saturday, 17 August 2013

High Jacked by Parky

Back home after a very good holiday.
Parky has been around a bit since my return it sure is a case of “GET IT ON TIME”. I really know if I have gone over my pill popping time.
On the way back from the airport we called into a shopping centre, number two daughter and her 3 as they were in one of the shops paying I went to another to look at some shoes. I started to get stiff as I was trying on a pair and my hands didn’t seem to be working properly, so when my eldest granddaughter came to find me I was so relieved. I just passed her my bag and got her to sort everything out for me. (You are a star H thank you so much).
I think that not only my body goes stiff but so does my brain, perhaps that’s when I find it difficult to make a decision or find the words that I know are in my brain somewhere. It’s as if I am looking at a blank space.
I don’t know if I expect too much of myself but I still find it difficult to accept how out of control I feel when Parky has high jacked me. He gives no warning or is it that I haven’t taken heed of him?
Yesterday I was a little late with my lunch time pills felt not to bad so went to the supermarket how can you open one of those flimsy plastic bag then manoeuvre a loaf into it when you’re starting to stiffen. Easy, admit you have Parkinson’s to an assistant and let them do it for you.
Am I at last learning??????????????????

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