Friday, 30 August 2013

Parky People are the Best

Today was our monthly Parkinson’s meeting; I really look forward to it. To think that when I went to the first one it wasn’t exactly a case of being dragged there screaming and shouting but I had threatened the person who took me that if I didn’t like it I would go to the loo and not come back. That was I think about eight years ago and I’m still going. I have met some incredible people and come to the conclusion that Parky people are some of the best
The person who has run it from the beginning has stepped down so today we gave him a surprise party, in fact I have just eaten a very large piece of fresh cream chocolate cake that I brought home with me.
We are now going to share his job between four of us with different strengths, he has been the person who has made sure we survived and been an inspiration.
My contribution has to be computer based as that is something I enjoy. I am so lucky that no one else wanted to do it. That said I did his thank you card which has meant me trawling through any photo’s I have to use in the card, most it seems taken at Christmas Parties over the years. It looks as if we are always eating.
Watch this space who knows what we will think off to do, might not be another sky dive but I’m sure there must be other things we could do.

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