Tuesday, 1 October 2013

I am going cruising

I know I’m a little bit premature but I have started packing my case ready to go on a cruise, the bungalow has had  dresses all over the place and I have bored my friends by constantly asking will this dress be ok and do you think this one suites me?
We booked nearly a year ago and have been hoping for an upgrade, we have had one we are now more central on the boat but still have an inside cabin, as we go next Monday I don’t hold out much hope of an outside cabin, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed.
The idea of waking up somewhere different every day without having to pack and unpack seems an ideal way of getting about.
My camera is ready to go there should be many photo opportunities’ over the two weeks my friend and I are away.
The friend is the one that I was sharing with when I got stuck in the clay while holidaying on the Isle of White, the day I had to ring 999 to get myself rescued.
I expect I will be watched to make sure I don’t get myself into a similar situation. The thing is after all the years of not letting anyone help me I am finding that I am not so bolshie and give in gracefully I know she cares enough to look out for me even if at times I do some really daft things.
Parky pills are sorted don’t want him to spoil anything. He has been quite good, in fact when I had a very bad case of upset tummy which lasted three days and saw me sleeping most of the time, I was amazed at how little he interfered especially as taking pills was a bit hit and miss.
Is there any chance that I can leave him behind, it sure would be nice?

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