Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Not the Best Homecomeing

The cruise was fantastic and I met a lot of very nice people, hello to any who may read this.
On arriving I was met with the news that my Mum had died the day before. She was 90 so not totally unexpected but still a shock.
She had an operation last Tuesday and was sent home two days later, as she lived in a care home it sounds as if she was being pampered by the staff as they were very fond of her. Unfortunately she had to go back into the hospital where she died.
The hospital in question is one of the ones that have been getting a bit of a slating so it now seems an autopsy is needed. That is because her operation was so close to her death.
Now it’s a waiting game to find out what is happening.
I am trying not to get stressed and allow Parky a way in but let’s put it this way it’s after four in the evening and I haven’t got dressed yet, what a slob?

I still have a lot of washing to do and things to put away but as I am a bit on the stiff side I may just go for a long soak in the bath, well at least I would smell a little sweeter.

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