Saturday, 7 December 2013

Moving the Wrong Things

I think I must have an unknown visitor who comes to my bungalow and hides my things. The times I search for something that I have just put down seems to becoming much to regular.
Now if I could find the person who hides my things I would be extremely happy, the tickets for the concert I went to tonight were only found at the last minute. I knew they were in a safe spot but I’m sure that where I found them was much safer than I would think off.
The Christmas presents that I hid when my daughter came round seemed to have disappeared into thin air, I went through every room not once but several times. Then walking into my bedroom I looked at the shelves in there BINGO I found them.
I am convinced that all this recycling is making me into a hoarder; I can put my paper and tins out take glass to the bottle bank then any clothes to the charity shop but what do I do with things that don’t fit into these categories.
That old doorbell or the wax from old candles, then there are jars of lotions and makeup that’s out of date. If I empty them to recycle the containers what do I do with the contents? Gizmos with batteries that show the sign that means don’t put me in a wheelie bin.
It would be great if the person that moves things around the place moved things I don’t want instead of the things I do want.

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