Monday, 8 September 2014

Can't Blame Parky

Well I have ended up doing what I had managed to evade for seven years.
I have a Toyota Yaris with the smart unlock on it, as long as the key is in my pocket or handbag I can put my hand on the door handle and the door opens. I can then start it by pressing a button.
Many times I have taken my handbag to the car to see if the door opens instead of looking through all the compartments. If I go to the car to move it I tend to put the key in my pocket and there is where it was when I washed my trousers. I think I have known that eventually this would happen and am amazed that I have not done it before.
When I opened the washing machine door and saw it in among my cloths I thought it would be well and truly dead.  So I was well impressed when I tried it and it worked. The leather fob didn’t do the washing a lot of good but at least I had used a cool wash.
I wonder if they test keys in washing machines for idiots like me?

The thing is that although I blame most things on Parky I think this is probably all down to me. 

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