Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Come on Christmas

It’s getting to feel a lot like Christmas as the song goes, and guess what I may even be organized this year.
I better not get that cleaver there is bound to be something I have forgotten.
I decided to go away this year go and party, live a bit or even a lot if the company is right. I will let you know when I get back.
It’s a coach trip only as I booked it on line the coach is coming up from the south and I’m heading across country from the opposite direction. The holiday is for singles so as long as there is at least one person who hasn't found a friend on the coach I should be alright. I just don't want to go somewhere and be the spare part. Which happens when everyone else happens to be part of a couple.
Please don’t let it snow until the New Year so that I can drive myself there. I do have a backup plan my big brother. He loves driving and has a nice posh car so I could arrive in style.
I get back from my Christmas break on Sunday and I am then heading down to London for the New Year. My friend and I decided to go and see the firework display for ourselves so with all these plans and a birthday as well I am now getting a bit excited. Then of course our Parkinson’s support  group have a Christmas Dinner which I do a lot of the organizing don’t you just love this time of year.

So if some kind person could take Parky off my hands it would be brilliant as I really don’t have time for him (not much chance of that but I can live in hope)


  1. Pack his bags and send him here for the week, have a great time on your travels and many happy returns for Friday. Lots of love and best wishes from the Eve's xxxxx

  2. hi Carol hope you ok x sounds like you have a very hectic time ahead xx have a great time and enjoy !!! would love it if that person could also get rid of colins cancer too !!!! take care . have fun love sarah xxxx