Sunday, 7 December 2014

A Bit Scary

Have I accepted that I have a condition called Parkinson’s?
If it wasn’t for my total dependence on Pills I would say no, but it really comes back to bite me when I go to get a pill and find the one I should have taken four hours before.
Is it really any wonder that I allow Parky to come and really annoy me.
This last week I have been on a Turkey and Tinsel break and had a great time. I had a go at archery, shooting and bowling besides doing quizzes. In the evening there has been dancing and most of the time I have been on the dance floor.
But miss just one of my pills and I begin to stiffen it’s a bit scary at times. I went for a swim on the first day and found it a bit difficult. I am not the best of swimmers but set out to swim the length of the pool, I was out of breath when I got to the end and went to grab the bar only there wasn’t one so I went under. I didn’t want to end up drowning on my first day of the holidays, I managed to claw my way up the wall and as you can see I am here to tell the story.
To be honest it gave me a bit of a fright and I kept it to myself not wanting to admit to my friends or myself just how scared I had felt. Was it the Parkinson’s that made me so breathless or the pills or am I just so unfit?


  1. That would have given you a fright! I hope that it doesn't put you off your swimming since exercise is so good for you. Best of luck!

  2. I must admit it has for the moment but I'll fight back

  3. Well, it's good news to be active - however it comes.
    My form of oParkinson's is a new onset, have still to come to terms with that.
    Best of luck!