Sunday, 31 October 2010


Since Parky arrived I have become a gadget freak. My excuse of course is that Parky won’t let me do what I want to, but I must confess that on several occasions with him in the back ground as an excuse purchases have been made.
Small things like potato peelers, which it has been pointed out to me I use in a totally different way to other people; I move the potato and hold the peeler steady. I suppose it just goes to show how we start adapting without knowing.
The magic bullet, the nicer dicer, a guillotine like tool for chopping veg and that’s just in the kitchen
I have also got a steam press for my ironing it’s a great help, that was one in the eye for Parky he thought he had stopped me ironing by making the iron seem as heavy as a cannonball.
I now have a battery screw driver and am like a child wandering about looking to see what I can demolish.
I am sure if I looked around I would surprise even me just how many gadgets I have. The truth is that they are my way of staying independent; I will fight tooth and nail to be in charge of my life.
My Mate Parky had better get ready  for a fight as I don’t intend to let him take me over

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