Monday, 1 November 2010


Today I have an appointment with my Neurologist, Well I think it is Parky’s not mine. If Parky didn’t exist I would not be getting up early and traipsing 30 miles to be told everything is as before and to see him in 9 months time.
I am not complaining as Parky’s Neurologist is a very nice man, and as I go to see him it leaves me in no doubt that I have this condition called Parkinson’s disease.
Why it was ever called a disease I don’t know, do you catch it? Is it in the air? Does it give you spots? Can you pass it on? I have never found any of these things to be true, so don’t worry all my family and friends  - Parky’s mine.
That’s enough for now better get myself washed and spruced up, can’t let anyone think that Parky is getting the better of me and turning me into a slob.

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