Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Family Tree

I have spent the best part of today trawling through mounds of paperwork belonging to my family tree; I have a huge amount to go out.
It is one of the things I should have done as I was going along; get the main facts onto either the computer of a filing system. But no clever clog here has saved even scraps of paper just in case I didn’t get it right.
So I have dates with no name and names without any dates. Even in my wildest dream I surely should have known I hadn’t a cat in hells chance of remembering what those snippets were to do with.
I have been ruthless, mind you the bin has not made it out to the wheelie bin yet, bum that reminds me it is black bin day tomorrow and as we seem to be one of the first there is no good me forgetting.
That’s done now at least I didn’t have to drag it through the snow this week. Last week was paper card and tins so I get a bit carried away but last week I had to raid the bin as I had recycled the picture that was in the local paper of my Grandson taken at his school.
His class had to dress up as a character from the book that they were reading at school. Don’t know the book but he was dressed as a fisherman and stood with three girls on either side of him, that’s my boy he must be so used to Girls Company being sandwiched between two sisters that it’s quite the natural thing to do.
I have him for the day tomorrow as his mum is going out and taking his sisters, its half term. So I am helping by taking a trouble maker out of the equation. He is as good as gold on his own but fights for attention when his sisters are with him.
Perhaps we will have a Wii day; he will like that especially when I get thrashed.

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