Friday, 24 February 2012

Ghost Trip

I have been up to London not to visit the Queen, even though she is a very nice lady.

I went to see Ghost, what an amazing production. After seeing the film I wasn’t sure that I would like the musical on the stage I really could not see how they could pull it off.

WOW they sure did it was so convincing how a lot of the effects were managed kept us all talking for the rest of the trip. There were 44 of us and I don’t think anyone said anything about not liking it.

My one and only complaint was that the sound was a bit load to the extent that I envied those with hearing aids as I noticed several people around me turning the volume down.

As we were taking our seats a man in the row in front asked us if we had been before, when we told him that it was the first time he said we would need a hankie mostly in the last ten minutes.

Don’t you just hate a cleaver person? I fought hard to try and control myself as I could have sobbed, a few tears escaped, but then I am a big softie, there were a few hard people around me who said it hadn’t made them cry, not sure they were all telling the truth.

Do you think Parky and I could become theatre critics? Working our way round England we could perhaps fit in a bit of food tasting at the same time just to make the trip worthwhile.

Back to reality, we played Bingo on the bus on the way home and I won £5 so all in all I had a great time. But even better than that Parky didn’t show his head at all, YIPPI.

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