Sunday, 5 February 2012

Let it Snow

Looking out into the garden is like looking at a picture post card, the whole garden is covered in a blanket of white, and whoever said that everyone’s garden looks the same when covered in snow was spot on.
I went walking with the local U 3 A Friday we parked at the back of our local Brewery, did an hour and a half walk then into the visitor centre for a meal.
The horse seems to be looking on in amazement, bet he’s thinking what are these crackpots doing.
We started out a bit nippy but everyone agreed that the snow had made it a very nice invigorating walk. As can be seen from the Pictures it was a clear sunny day. It is nice to find walks that are on your doorstep that you have no idea exist.
This exercise has been followed by a very lazy weekend
Well That was Friday and I slept like a baby, better go out and do one tomorrow to make up for lounging about, I have even watched an Agatha Christie that I recorded before Christmas. I have resisted the urge to start a jigsaw, as that would have kept me at home for quite a while.

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