Sunday, 20 May 2012

Parky in Peru?

Not long now until I go to Peru, I am expecting it to be on a par with my last year’s trip to China, in the words of my Granddaughter it was awesome.
I booked it a long time ago and it seemed as if it would never get here, now the days are galloping bye. I still have no idea on the cloths front but boy have I got a chemist shop with me, that’s without Parky’s meds.
I tend to be the one in a crowd that gets bitten, then my body goes into action and I end up with a not very nice reaction. SO I am fully prepared, I have sprays, armbands, something to zap a bite and anti-histamine tablets.
I was going to start on garlic pills, but think I may be better off without; no one will want to sit with me on the bus. Mind you I used to give my dog them so as to keep away flees, just can’t be bothered to take another pill. I forgot I have the anti-malaria tablets, all this anti bite stuff as I end up on the Amazon.
That’s the river not the Amazon where I shop very occasionally, well perhaps a little bit more than occasionally I think half the things I am taking have come from there.
Just over a week to go, not that I am counting, so I am only slightly concerned that My Mate might make it difficult for me. I am always a bit aware that I might not be able to keep up with the rest of the group; I would hate it if because of me others had difficulty in doing what they have paid for.
 The one thing I am sure off is that I will do my utmost to keep Parky from interfering, pity I can’t say my bag is already too full he had better stay at home. The thing is that other than pills he travels light, but you can never forget he is there as a constant companion.

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