Monday, 16 July 2012

Long-time no Blog

Have spent time gardening between rain showers this week. That’s because I have given up the idea of moving, once again I have looked around and know I can’t leave.
There are not only memories here but a load of possessions, I know that in the future I will have to downsize but for the moment I really can’t face the upheaval.
Hence the fact that I have to get myself into gear and do some sorting out. So as its summer (well supposed to be) it seemed a good idea to start outside.
I have been painting fences, I was hoping to win the lottery and have a brick wall built, but as the win eludes me I will have to stick with my fence panels that need painting every now and then. I must admit that I do like my paint sprayer I think I would have given up after the first panel if I had carried on using a brush.
Parky was not going to be good if I had carried on with a brush but he soon settled down when spraying started. I couldn’t believe how much better it went.
So that’s my reason to try any gizmo I can. No paint spraying No fence painted which would have meant paying someone else to do it. I must be saving loads of dosh.
Did anyone read that there is a link between DDT and Parkinson’s; I think we could have all told whoever was researching that fact that we already knew it to be true.

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